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Like Breathing was Easy

So fluid.. So swift..
The motion of the pen on paper.
Like it was dancing
You’d think it wasn’t bleeding.
The words it writes
How laden they are with emotion
The voice it imitates
That of a person in tears
A voice shaking from sadness
Yet the pen doesn’t falter
The weight of the heart it translates
Yet it glides effortlessly
The pain it speaks of
Yet it bounces across the lines joyously
And when it reaches a full stop,
It halts to admire what a mess of words it has made.
In that moment, I am able to catch a breath.
The pen made it seem so easy.

By Blessing Mam

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The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

When people tell me they’re torn Between the devil and the deep blue sea
I wonder if they know what they speak of
There’s clearly no dilemma here
Ever wondered why
The ocean is blue?
The sky is blue?
The ocean is an embodiment of water
Renewed by tears from the sky
Every passing day is blue
Sadness and misery is a constant part of our everyday life
It’s a steady reminder of a reality
That life needs a balance
Like the ying yang
Every coin has 2 faces
The balance comes from within
But it is pushed and birthed by external forces
Amidst the perils, there is also happiness
Above the blue sky
There’s the sun
Within the dark nights
There’s the moon and stars
The skies cry but smile the sun
The night is gloomy but it lights up from the moon
In the deep blue sea divers survive with oxygen
How therefore can we say we are in a dilemma?
The devil or the deep blue sea?
The deep blue sea is always the choice
There are 3 physical channels to my sunlight, my moon and my oxygen
My family, my art and you!.
You are the breath that sustains me in the ocean before I resurface
You’re that ray of light I see when I’m at the pool bottom
You mean a lot to me
My oxygen in the deep blue sea
I hope this makes sense to you
With you, no matter the circumstances I will always smile
Amidst the others
You still remain
My number 1.
By John Amune
Ff @j_munez


Hey people, It’s a great monday evening and we end this easter celebration with a great and insightful write up by @monsieuruwem. This is our #WriteUp4TheMonth and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to share and comment.

There are numerous definitions of the word ‘truth’ and numerous perspectives regarding this word. Take a few seconds, pause everything you’re doing right now and ask yourself ‘have I been truthful to myself?’

I think where most of us get it wrong is we tend to be subjective with the ‘truth’ and alter it to suit our situation or impending decisions. The ‘Truth’ is a more comprehensive term and no matter how you may try to alter its meaning it should imply ‘accuracy and honesty’.

So then, what is my definition of the ‘truth’ – Sincerity in Character, Action and Utterance.
The knowledge of the truth defines what becomes our character, which then shows off in our actions and utterances. Even the Bible says “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”, meaning the knowledge of the truth will eventually define us.

Our greatest problem lies in the fact that it is easier to lie to ourselves than face the truth. The truth is universal, human beings are wired to know what is right from wrong. I’m sure you’re asking yourself how is that possible? Let’s see some examples –
A baby bites her moms nipples and stares back at her mom to see her reaction, how did the baby know that biting the nipple was wrong?; a child at a tender age lies to cover up he/she breaking a plate, who told the child that breaking the plate was wrong?

Yet we have doused and killed our conscience over time because we prefer to lie to ourselves than face the truth. A girl cheats on her boyfriend because she has concluded that all men cheat which is a lie; A guy prefers to party, have ‘fun’ and ignore his books yet he knows that if he doesn’t study he’ll fail; Another person prefers to hang out with bad friends because he/she want to feel accepted when he/she knows that they will influence them into doing wrong; A husband treats his wife like trash because he’s getting attention from another woman ignoring the knowledge that his world will crumble if his wife leaves him.

This leads me to one truth that defines our existence – What you sow, you will reap or like most of us have heard, the law of Karma. Nobody can dispute that this is not an actual truth, its only the grace of God that has kept some of us from experiencing the full hammer of this law.


If only we ‘slow down’ and weigh our decisions remembering that no man is an island and that our decisions affect the people around us and most especially the people that really care for us, most of us will be happier and end up living a better life

So my question to u again is ‘Have you been truthful to yourself?
By @MonsieurUwem (Uwemakpan Uwem)
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