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Value Orientation 2

If you missed the first part of this click VALUE Orientation . Enjoy reading…

…He said ‘I want a mine of diamonds’ and he lay awake all night.

Early the next morning he sought the priest. The priest always gets crossed when awakened early in the morning. Ali was too curious to care, he shook the priest out of his dreams  and said to him

‘Will you tell me where I can find diamonds?’

‘Diamonds! What do you want diamonds for?

‘Why? I wish to be immensely rich’

‘Well, then, go and find them and then you can have them’

‘But I don’t know where to go’

‘Well, if you find a river that runs through white sand, between high mountains in those white sands you will always find diamonds. I don’t believe there’s any such river’

‘Of course there are plenty of them across the globe. All I have to do is go and find them and have them, I will go’ Ali concluded.


He sold his 3 farms, collected the money and left his family under the care of a neighbor and he went in search of the diamonds, but never found anything. He came to Palestine, then wandered on into Europe, and at last when his money was spent and he was in rags, wretchedness, and poverty, he stood on the shore of that bay at Barcelona, in Spain when one day a tidal wave came rolling in between the Pillars of Hercules and the poor, afflicted, suffering, dying man could not resist the temptation to cast himself in the incoming tide and sank beneath its foaming crest never to rise in this life again.

The man who purchased Ali’s barren farm and house, went to the farm one day and tried to make ridges, as he dug, his hoe struck a stone. Ali’s successor noticed a curious flash of light from the white sands of the stream. He pulled out a stone having an eye of light reflecting all the hues of the rainbow. He took the pebble into the house and put it on the mantel piece and forgot all about it.

A few days later the priest came and visited Ali’s successor, and the moment he opened that drawing room door he saw a flash of light and, he rushed to it and shouted ‘has Ali returned? Here is a diamond!!!’

‘Oh no, Ali has not returned and that is not a diamond. That is nothing but a stone I found right here in our own garden.’

‘But’, said the priest, ‘I tell you I know a diamond when I see it. I know positively that this is a diamond’

They rushed to the stream in that old barren farm and found a shack buried there and Ali’s successor became immensely rich and influential from the sales of diamond.

The points to derive will be stated next week.




A very beautiful day

An awesome day to take a stroll, I say to myself

I put on my shoes and grab my jacket

The question of destination rings my head

What the heck? It’s a stroll

Just an activity to wallow in myself

Free up disk space in my mind

Just sort myself out in general

I smile to myself

The thrills of not knowing what to expect lights up my curiosity

I step out

The cool morning breeze hits my face

The chills of excitement engulf me

The dews on the green plants are beautiful

The morning is so quiet and calm

With just a few workaholics running to get coffee or catch the bus

I’m sure they wish they were me

I walk down a street and I notice a massive store

Well known because of its reputation of quality

They sold the best of things

I take a long peek and

Suddenly, I notice something I had never seen there before

Something different,classy, extraordinary, beautiful and awesome

I have never seen anything like it

Unique was not enough to encompass it

I am not exaggerating because I was shocked myself

I reached out to touch it but there was a glass separating us

I noticed  something remarkable

It also reached out to touch me but the glass stopped it

In amazement I stepped back a little

Only to realize it was my Reflection. 





A friend of mine, Chuba was talking to me and he took a piece of plain A4 paper and he used a black pen to put a dot at the center of the paper. He asked me “What do you see on this paper?” and I said “A dot” and he said “I expected that answer, everyone I ask always sees the dot, they forget the remaining part of the plain paper that is still neat, they dwell on the dot and try to get rid of it and some people end up smudging the ink and ruining the paper more.

I gave the concept deep thought and I realized that a lot of us have the  attitude of figuring out only our weaknesses and most times we forget to credit ourselves for our strengths. It is so bad that when someone looks at you, you feel like they are judging you or making a terrible comment about you. You are beautiful, you are handsome. There is something  hanging in there that is specifically made for you, something that makes you different and you have to figure it out for yourself, and see it as a good thing. Don’t get too worked up about what is wrong with you, what is not perfect about you, what you don’t have rather think of what you have, what is different and how to make what you have better, how to improve it.


What people think doesn’t always matter because you can’t hear their thoughts and even when they say it, it’s their own opinion, at the end of the day, it is what you think about yourself that matters. You do not need anyone’s permission to be sad or happy, to feel good or bad,no one else matters except you. Think of the thing that people say and mock you with and find a strong word for yourself. For example, people say you are fat, obviously everyone cannot be skinny you are thick and beautiful. People say you are too tall, it only hurts them that they are not as tall, you are different. People say you are too short??? really??? You are petite. If they do not like it???who cares??? You love yourself the way you are and don’t change that for anyone.


Stare at the mirror and complement yourself. If everyone looked the same and acted the same, there would be no variety, there would be no uniqueness, the world would be totally boring. Make your choice and take control. Once you start feeling beautiful or handsome, others get to feel that you are.