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Yvonne or Lily???

So I am trying something new and interactive this week. We all would get married at  some point and looking at married couples this particular ish has been an issue. It is necessary for both ladies and guys to share their thoughts on this platform and so I am writing this. New topics would come up every Monday and trend for the week. I hope you enjoy and learn from everyone’s opinion and we will learn from yours too. This is supposed to be an interactive post so please when you are done reading,comment and share your views with us so we can know what you think. I am the writer so I am permitted to be neutral.

Yvonne’s mentors are Oprah and Genevieve, she  lived her life aiming high. She is independent and strong. She made a vow to achieve all she can in her target career because of her poor background and terrible experiences as a child. Some of her ambitious friends are the way they are because of family pressure. Most of them are workaholics and hardly have time for frivolities and she also falls in this category. She hardly ever puts pressure on her husband to take care of the financial demands of the house or family, she freely spends out of her pocket. she relieves him of financial pressure. Everyday she comes back home tired and stressed. She cooks for her husband and does not let anyone else cook for him. She has sex with her husband as regularly as possible but she rejects the shoulder tap(sex notification from her husband) sometimes when she is too tired.She loves her 2 kids and provides for them. She brings a nanny over for 4 hours (between 5 and 9pm).The nanny leaves when daddy gets back from work. She works late or overnight sometimes. She takes breaks from work to be with her husband or family. She is a good wife and a good lady.

Lily is a wonderful educated house wife. Her husband wanted her like this because he makes all the money and places her on a monthly salary to satisfy the part of her that wants to work. He provides everything possible. He also makes out time to be with her. She handles all the house chores and everything that concerns the home. She gives the children her full attention and keeps the house in shape. She hates the concept of having nannies over. She has time for herself and the family. Her friends come over to keep her company when she’s bored at home.

The thing is BOTH WIVES ARE WONDERFUL but some women prefer being one than the other and some men prefer having one to the other. Some people feel house wives are jobless and have excess time to spend on gossip and are too dependent while some feel overambitious women are too independent and do not need a man in their lives because they are too bossy and busy and are not good family women. So the major question is

For Girls, Ladies and Women: Who would you rather be, Yvonne or Lily???

For Boys, Guys and Men: who would you rather have as a wife Yvonne or Lily???

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