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So the photographer said I should jump and I jumped and click, the took the picture and I liked the fact that I took all the care in the world and threw it to the wind, so ta da….


Ok, so days before my convocation I took ill and almost lost my life. I was forming James Bond and suppressing the illness until I landed in the hospital and was admitted for days. It was crazy but then I survived and successfully attended my graduation from Covenant University where I read (red) biochemistry. Much later I will let you in on what I graduated with. It will be in my success story, so stay tuned.

einsteinette convocatingeinsteinette-convocation


4 years was not easy… permit me to rephrase, 4 years was not beans, people told me how scary university was while I was in secondary school but I got in and realized it was not such a monstrous jungle but a world of experiences. The experiences make or mar you with your consent of course. Convocation was in 2 major phases, it lasted a whole week but the 2 main phases were the convocation day itself and the thanksgiving Sunday (touch of purple and white day). Lots of pictures were taken, unfortunately my memory card got damaged and I haven’t recovered from the loss. I still have a few pictures tho… That Sunday was the day we took pictures in the major, memorable points in school. The CU roundabout, the eagle, and many other places. I was really glad when I realized. I AM FINALLY AN EAGLE!!! (that’s what CU graduates are called).

Blessing Abeng and Ope Dokunmu  einsteinette convocation june Einsteinette convocation

I met a lot of awesome minds during and towards the end of my stay. One of the beautiful people I met is Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo, formerly Mr. Fadugba (The Registrar, Covenant University). He taught me one of my greatest lessons in CU and I will leave you with that. Effort is useless if result is not evident. Whatever you do, make the result count.





I figured I’m not gonna be a CU student for much longer, so I decided to chip this in. I am a Covenant University student and I am proud of it.


Many people underestimate private schools and refer to it as “glorified secondary schools” but in real sense when I think about it, there’s no place I’d rather be. I know the rules are neck breaking and the schedule is crazy. You have to lead at least 3 lives, the spiritual life, academic life and a social life. You have to lead each like the other doesn’t exist. The pictures below are pictures I took with my tab in school so they may not be topnotch but they’ll do.

blessingabengCU20140404_19494520140427_09195420140427_091730IMG_20140626_081533 From the serenity of the environment , the beautiful flowers, to the well tended grasses and traffic, the spacious room, the fresh air, the beautiful people, Johnny love sharwarma, the well spoken people, reflections dance group, public speaking events, the beautiful events people go the extra mile to make a success , the Sunday services, the way people artistically put pieces together to look fabulous, the creative and entrepreneurial minds, the beautiful haircuts and hairstyle, the fashion statements, the shopping mall and cafeteria, the bread and stew we call pizza, peppered rice, the gingered students and lecturers, Bashan, pairing, a lot of stuff… I’m proud to know the school and be associated with it. bukky tijani and blessing abeng IMG_20140219_122517 IMG_20130909_222419 blessing abeng and registrar, cu As I write it occurs to me how much I’d miss this place. The way people take pictures and upload on Instagram. The way I-pads, tabs and Mac books are part of outfits, all that just looks beautiful, the annoying meetings, boring public lectures, every single thread that has come together to make the textile of an awesome woman, ME. I love CU and I think there is no place I’d rather be.

CuuuI also think you should love whatever school you passed through because it has shaped you into who you are now, it pushed you to work on yourself and should be proud. equotesss   Love,