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#FEBRUARYPROJECT: Love in Uche’s words

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The mission is to see Love through your eyes and different articles, letters, notes etcetera would be posted daily to see love via diverse lenses. Express yourself via letters, notes, experiences… Tell us how you view love

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Love is the emptiness you feel when you are not with the one you love

Love is the billion expressions you create with just silence

Love is the million smiles that light up your face when you think about the one person you only think about

Love is the hollow in your heart when she says “its over”

Love is the completion you feel with her in your life

Love is the eagerness you have to get home after a long day knowing she’ll welcome you home with open arms

Love is the tears when u walk away

Love is taking back the ones that hurt you over and over again without holding grudges

Love is the willpower to try again and again,till you get what you want out of life

Love is laying down your life to save someone else

Love is the good-byes in airports,the get-well-soon prayers in hospitals,the tears at funerals

Love is the contentment in the realization that tomorrow will be better

Love is a drug,gives you that peculiar “high”and the unwanted side-effects

Love is everything,and nothing.

– Uche Kalu

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