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Mrs Evangelist

Mrs Evangelist because… you will find out at the end of this post.

Who is she? Is she okay? What can I d to help her? You tell me, when you are done reading.

This may not be a street diary topic, but then again, it may be! Maybe I should create a Tenant diary category (you should advise me on this). Okay, so the gist:

So, I moved into my new apartment. It was a block of flats in a compound. The house stood out in the midst of the other houses in the street. It looked like it did not belong there, in a good way. I was so happy when I found that house! If you have ever looked for a house in Lagos, especially the mainland, you will know what I mean. I really wanted to live on the mainland since I worked on the mainland… Back to the gist.

So, I got comfortable in my new house, keeping neighbors at safe distance. We were close enough to greet each other and ensure things were working in the compound e.g. light. We were far enough to not get into each other’s business. So I didn’t have any issues with anybody. My house was my haven. My neighbors were golden. Or so I thought.

Everyone seemed okay but I noticed one person who didn’t particularly fit into my perfect, or almost perfect neighbors. She seemed very social sometimes and other times, very moody. She stayed indoors a lot. I first noticed her when there was a persistent knock on her door at about 11pm, one night. She yelled at the person knocking, cursed and splashed water through her window.

At first I thought, “this person sef, why are you coming to see somebody by this time?”. Later I found out he was her son. Well, it’s pretty late in an African home. Next I noticed, her daughter had moved out. Well, that didn’t mean much to me either,  the girl was old enough. Next, she stopped answering my greeting, I thought, oh, she probably has a hearing problem. Then, I took ill and had this serious cough, she texted one of my neighbors “Why is there a sick girl here? Come and carry her before she dies” and the neighbor showed me.

I still made excuses o! I said maybe she was doing it with a good heart, the issue was probably delivery. Next thing she calls the police to arrest my only friend in the compound and another young man. Guess why? She said THEY WERE PLANNING TO KILL HER. Also, she said they were hitting her wall and not letting her sleep. I was weak. The police saw the gentlemen, called the caretaker to ascertain their credibility and they released them. At this point I started getting worried.

Did it stop there? Of course not.

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