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I saw this article recently, even if it is 1 year old already, its words are still very relevant and I urge all business owners and brand managers to read this and take it seriously.

In an increasingly cluttered and claustrophobic marketing world, the importance of a distinct and engaging brand is not just important, but essential. But what exactly is a brand? It’s not a logo, a color scheme, a single ad, or even a complete campaign. In fact, defining and more importantly, assessing, a brand has eluded marketers and advertisers for years. But recently, researchers have attempted just that.


How to Get Through a Marriage Crisis

Have you ever made up your mind to go on a walk and enjoy the bright day and fresh air and then suddenly, the clouds just get thick and then it starts raining, sometimes, it doesn’t even get thick at all, it just starts raining. Marriage can be like this, dating too. It starts beautiful and at some point gets ugly. Good news is that you can make it all beautiful again. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and just because you’re not acting like a couple of love birds doesn’t mean you’re going through a marriage crisis. So how do you know if you’re going through a particularly hard moment? There are certain signs you should keep an eye out for. Once you’ve ascertained that you are experiencing a crisis in your marriage, don’t run too quickly to the divorce option.




  • Be conscious of timing, location and approach – Finding the right place and situation to talk about your worries with your husband/wife is essential. Nagging about problems after a long and stressful work day is not productive or wise because you both are tired and may not in the best of moods.
  • Keep it positive – Laugh and the world will laugh with you, cry and you’ll cry alone. Stay positive, don’t over think or assume and never let yourself overload the situation with negative vibes and a pessimistic attitude, as it won’t help. Indeed, the best way to see the bright side is to look at it. Rather than focusing on everything that’s wrong in the relationship think of all the great things that you might have forgotten.
  • Be generous and selfless – Moments of crises are moments when extra effort is required and marriage crisis is no different. So prepare to undergo a period during which you will have to give more than you normally do, whether that’s love, attention, space or time. Patience is one of the best allies to fight this battle against whatever problem your marriage is facing.
  • Listen, understand and avoid assumptions – Don’t close yourself. Don’t rush to conclusions or reject your spouse just because they’re rejecting you. If they’ve told you they’re unsure whether they want to keep being with you or not, look for reasons, listen to them and try to put yourself in their shoes. In a word, be understanding and objective, which doesn’t mean endure everything, but it’s the best way to analyze the problem and find solutions. The worst thing you can do is to raise a wall. If speaking is a problem, a good idea is to both make a list of the things you don’t like about the other’s behavior and take turns to read your thoughts on it.
  • Don’t get too needy – Show them that you are the same independent man/woman you were at the beginning of your relationship and that this is something that will never change. This will take some pressure off your spouse shoulders and will give them some space in order to think freely
  • Relight the fire – Try to spice up your routine as much as you can. Pretend you are dating again. It will be fun and it will make you remember why you liked each other in the first place. Another great idea to relight the fire is to rent a holiday home away from the everyday routine and also to have some time together to help remind each other why you decided to tie the knot. Quiet and snugly situations are always the best way to face problems and find solutions.


Sometimes the origin of the problem might be the foundation. Find out THE FOUNDATION OF ANY RELATIONSHIP 1 & 2.


If the previous advice fails the best thing to do is to seek a marriage counselor. Keep in mind that some relationship problems are difficult to be solved, especially those that involve physical and/or verbal violence or infidelity, though this doesn’t mean that all is lost. Hard work, love, respect, commitment, understanding and many more are antidotes to relationship crisis.




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Guest writer,

Sade Adebayo.



Hello people, how are you doing today?

Was thinking about writing on relationships and I thought it would be terrible to talk about relationships without addressing the bedrock of relationships:


Most often we get caught up in building our relationships with others that we forget to build relationship with self. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of any kind of relationship with anyone else. You cannot totally love and accept someone if you do not love and accept yourself first.  You cannot have a good relationship with people if you do not have a good relationship with yourself first.


The beautiful thing about any kind of relationship is that, it is built and developed constantly. The quality of your foundation determines if it will collapse or stand, how long it will stand and what kind of building you’ll have (If it will be a bungalow, storey building, sky scraper, etc.). To improve your relationship with yourself, do the following:

  • Make a decision to have a strong relationship with yourself.  Every advancement in every field of life starts with a decision. Actions and decisions, no matter how seemingly insignificant strengthen or break relationships.
  • Be determined. Have a strong will and stick to that decision.
  • Write down your flaws and strengths
  • Focus on your strengths. This will help you see the good in yourself and help your esteem.
  • Bear in mind that everyone else has flaws and weaknesses. Stop beating yourself up about yours. Quit being too hard on yourself. The first step to solving a problem is, identifying that problem. You know your flaws and that puts you a step closer to your solution.
  • Convert your weaknesses into areas of development until they transform into strengths. We are humans, born in imperfection with imperfections but this doesn’t limit us. Strife for perfection. Don’t get comfortable with your weaknesses.  When measured on the perfection bar, ensure you are closer to perfection than imperfection.
  • Remember that Rome was not built in a day, nothing good comes easy. The metamorphosis may be slow but the outcome will eventually be beautiful. The butterfly never starts life as a butterfly, it passes through many preparatory and stages and eventually comes out beautiful

To be continued…

Practice makes perfect and assures improvement. Practice the following and watch your relationship with yourself and others take a new dimension.

Photo credits: David Adelakun (Taiwo Adelakun Photography)

Model: Ojiyovbi Ebasa



Be A Step Ahead And Get That Job

Everyone in Nigeria seems to be complaining about the “availability of jobs” situation in Nigeria. They unintentionally scare the undergraduate and the school leavers keep blaming the government. Do you know in the midst of unemployment rate in Nigeria, you could get a job? Yes you can! It is simple

First, your mindset has to believe that you can get the job and you deserve it. You have to convince yourself that the unemployment situation cannot affect you. You are above it. Positive thinking works in reality. When you can trick your mind to believe a thing, it manifests in reality because you unconsciously work towards it.

Be different: you don’t expect to do things the way every other person is doing it and expect a different result. You’ll be rejected like every other person if you do what every other person is doing. Have a unique characteristic that you know no one else or very few people will have. It is this characteristics that set you apart. Always let your personality shine through.

Develop Yourself: make effort to constantly develop yourself. Every day let there be an advancement in your life. The world is constantly evolving you have to develop with it. Someone with typewriting knowledge is hardly sort for compared to someone who has computer knowledge.

Be confident: know what you have. Don’t go for that interview begging. You have something to offer and you’ll be paid for it, let the confidence be seen. Don’t be proud in an attempt to show confidence.

The God Factor: No matter what you believe in always remember that you can’t do it by your strength only. Pray and ask God to go with you. If you don’t get that job then God has a better plan for you
Try these and see what happens next.



You may want to catch up on Steps to Wealth 1 before proceeding to read this. In the last post we shared very insightful tips.

In other to be an effective expert at controlling money you must try the following

  • Plan your needs and prioritize your wants. This way you satisfy your needs first and with time you might discover that some of the things you want are not so necessary. The essence of prioritizing is to bring to light the important wants and the unnecessary spontaneous cravings. Distribute your wants into A,B,C and D. A contains very important and profitable wants, discard most of the contents in D. when categorizing ask yourself what would I gain buying this? Do I need this? Is it necessary? What implication would it have? … Ponder and be true to yourself.
  • Shop for value not quantity. Most people are deceived by the quantity and ignore the quality. The thing is you end up spending more because those of quantity spoils or fades quickly and you have to buy again to replace it. Go for quality.
  • Ask for a discount once in a while in shops you know do not have a fixed price for things.
  • Budget: Discipline yourself to avoid spontaneous spending and never spend out of your budget
  • Examine our receipts and store them. Use them to balance your weekly or daily account. Store then in a shoe box or folder or file etc.
  • Balance your accounts. Evaluate how much you spent and make sure it correlates with your budget.

5.Save:  Saving is like building a foundation for wealth it doesn’t bring the wealth itself. To be wealthy and comfortable you have to save before you start investing in something  that makes money work for you and brings in a constant flow  of money to  replace what is spent aside your salary make your mind to save a particular percentage daily,  weekly, monthly. Pay the money directly to an account that you do not have an ATM card or withdrawal slip for. Keep it where you know you can’t touch it easily.


6. INVEST and START A BUSINESS: Saving helps you raise capital without borrowing or a loan but sometimes you might need to do something large scale. With your birthed idea you can find sponsors who would be willing to invest in it as partners and get a percentage of the profit but if you are doing something small scale you can use your savings to start your small business. Investing brings in a constant in flow of cash. To keep buying everyday and live comfortably, we need a constant source of money because salaries keep you at a mediocre level. Live above the mediocre (average) mentality and get wealth legitimately by investing in a business, someone’s idea, your idea, mutual funds, shares etc. the rules of investing are:

  • Study and get information on what you are about to invest in. Know the stakes, risks involved etc. find out all about it. In-depth knowledge is required.
  • If you want to get a motobike you could look for a Lender for Motorbikes specifically.

  • The longer you invest (leave your money in the money market) the lower the risks (stock market) e.g. 5years and above. Do not use the stock market as a gambling ground. Do not play the market.
  • Gambling is not investment. It is the easiest way to lose.

The keys to starting a business are:

  • Get on purpose: Do what you love. Your business should be in line with something you are interested in. Ask yourself “what do I like to do?” “What am I good at” “what interests me?”Etc. answer yourself.
  • Choose a business in relation to your life style.
  • If you have an idea, ask questions but do not let out your idea except you are ready to do business with the person you are involving or telling.
  • Gather information about it and find out the lapses in people that are already in the business if it is not a totally new concept.
  • Make a detailed business plan.
  • Become the best at what you do by making your business unique or add something that would make me attracted to your product and not the others. Try and correct the mistakes made by others in your own product.
  • Even if uniqueness sky-rockets you to the top do not be scared to legitimately copy and learn from others but make yours better and preferred.
  • Be slow to hire and fast to fire. Make sure your employees are what you want. Do not compromise.
  • Packaging is extremely important. Your advert and marketing is important. Packaging attracts the consumer and content keeps the consumer.
  • Take a step at a time. Do not rush in to deals, nothing good comes easy.

7. Protect your Assets: how???? Simple

  • Avoid conspicuous consumption
  • Avoid putting assets in your name
  • Never co-sign a loan for anyone
  • Carry adequate liability insurance
  • Avoid all “recourse” debt
  • Operate business from a cooperate entity
  • Never go into a business without a detailed business  plan
  • Never go into a partnership without a “fool proof” exit/escape plan
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket
  • Prepare for the worst but be optimistic

8. Be A Giver: it is important to be a giver because it opens doors for blessings. What goes around comes back around. The people you help on the way to the top may be there for you if you ever fall to lift you up or when in need.

9. Read: Read about those that have made it and are now wealthy or died wealthy. Learn from their mistakes and get tips from their stories. People like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.