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Are you a victim of self pity or you think and talk just about how cruel the world is? Well, in life everything may not go as you expect it, sometimes you wonder, why I’m I born into this family? Why I’m I the one in this situation?

The truth is wherever you find yourself, that point is a training process that makes you stronger. Do not assume defeat, complain or whine about it just think and try and come up with solutions. You are designed for something no one else would ever be able to do. Do not let all that potential inside of you go to waste. The destinies of a lot of people lie with with you. Feel responsible and accept responsibility. You have a talent and an ability to do something and you should be grateful to God daily.

You may never realize this until you see people who spend a long time on a sick bed wheeled from one place to the other, paralyzed, unable to do anything except speak, hear, eat OR see. They can see the pain of their family members, the stress they undergo taking care of them, they can hear people talk about them and can’t do anything about it. People they love might be hurt but they still can’t offer any help not because they do not want to but because they can’t. They can’t even wash themselves or feed themselves or give anyone a hug or a surprise kiss.


You have the ability to walk, jump, dance, sing, kiss someone unexpectedly, give a hug, run, do almost anything with your body and you still complain about what you do not have and what you can’t do rather than focus on what you can do. We may never appreciate life until we are the point of death, or health until we are sick or a loved one until we loose him or her. You think you have problems???

THINK AGAIN and thank God for what you have rather than what you don’t have. Stop complaining and find a solution.