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The last week has been the funniest and most adventurous week. Let me give you a recap. In one of the buses I entered during the week, the driver was treating his conductor like a houseboy. It was easy to see that the conductor was new to the job. The guy whispers (him voice never break yet, e never join men smoke igbo *that was a comment made by one of the passengers o not me*). Anyway summary of that gist is, READ MORE


September 23, 2015

My dear diary,

I was going to write my own gist about the street this week when I was this and I knew that nothing that happened to me this week could be compared to

Something interesting happened on my way to Oshodi this morning. At the park, this rough mean-looking conductor also known as “agbero” in Yoruba was screaming for passengers, his vernacular oscillating between Yoruba and pidgin English.

“Oshod! Oshod!” He shouted angrily as I along with some other passengers scuttled for seats. There was this beautiful young lady who READ MORE


September 16, 2015

Dear Street Diary,

“Toll gate, 120!! Toll gate, 120. Hol your change o.”

“Conductor na 500 I get o” I said.

“You go pay 150 be that” He said looking serious and a bit distracted. I entered the bus. I just needed to get to my destination and I was not going to let 30 naira hinder me. I had to make it in time for my 9am meeting at Ota and come back early enough for my 12:30 pm meeting at Ikeja. I sat on the third row, close to the rickety door. The bus had five rows excluding the driver and front seat. READ MORE