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Hi beautiful people, its another weekend. Thank God its friday. We will continue our discussion on helpful tips to improve relationships. If you missed the first part click THE FOUNDATION OF ANY RELATIONSHIP

To harness the be best out of any relationship and to build solid relationships with our family, friends, lovers etc. you have to build yourself first.

  • Be consistent. Some weaknesses are born out of bad habits. Letting go of bad habits take consistency and strong will. No habit is innate (inborn). Every habit was picked up in one way or the other. We are all responsible for our habits whether good or bad. Constant repetition births a habit. Bad habits are easy to develop but difficult to live with. Practice good habits. We do not need miracles we need better habits.
  • Write down your dreams and Goals. This gives you a sense of direction and inspires you. It gives you a reason for constant communion with self. If you do not know where you are going, you will be unable to get there.
  • Define yourself and standards. Know what you should and shouldn’t do. Where to be found and where not to be found, the kind of friends to keep etc. if you lack standards (S.I units), no one will place a value on you or identify your placement. You’ll be just another floating number. A very random one.
  • Understand your personality and let it shine through. Your personality is a distinguishing factor that is unique to you alone.
  • Be confident in yourself. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Trust strengthens marriages, friendships, etc. and will definitely strengthen self love.
  • Never let people define or discourage you. No matter what you do people will always criticize. Accept good criticism and discard the chaff. Live for yourself and not for people. Life is too short to waste trying to please people. See gossips as jobless but necessary publicist with the duty of increasing the world’s knowledge of you.
  • Have positive dialogue with yourself. Think positive thoughts. You are who you think you are. Counter and dispel negative thinking. You will never rise above the image you have of yourself.
  • Don’t let your pasts or mistakes define you. Learn from your mistakes and past experiences, don’t wallow in self pity or hide in its shadow. Your mistakes should strengthen your innovative capacity. Think up new ways of doing things.  Your pasts should motivate and challenge you. Be better so you can save people the stress of making the same mistakes you’ve made. Inspire someone to be a success with your success with your success story.
  • Speak to your hearing. When you speak, hear and believe something, you unconsciously walk and work towards it. The more you hear and say a thing, the easier it is to believe and embody it. Speak words to strengthen yourself.
  • Eliminate atelophobia. Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection or  an extreme fear of failing to achieve perfection. ELIMINATE IT!!!
  • Complement yourself and acknowledge yourself when you do something good.
  • Take yourself out on a treat.


Practice the following and watch the quality of your relationships elevate. Have an awesome weekend.

Photo credits: David Adelakun (Taiwo Adelakun Photography)

Model: Ojiyovbi Ebasa




People have this benign and crazy concept that money is the root of all evil but it is not money that is the root of evil it is the LOVE of money. If money is evil why then do we need it??? If you are wise you’d understand that poverty is a curse. It is undesirable and most likely a bigger root of evil than money would ever be. Many people want to be wealthy but are not ready to do what it takes to get there. To be wealthy you need your money to work for you. Here, I have written steps that can make your money work for you while you are awake or asleep. Good things do not come easy it is necessary to prepare our minds for the tasks. If you want wealth, there are key sacrifices and focus points that you must pay attention to, they are  called money secret or skills. I stumbled upon them and I thought I should share this information, so we can grow together:

1. Value Money: Every dime you have matters, see it as a mustard seed that can bring in a massive tree when planted even if the seed looks small. If you were to save 100 naira daily for the next 30 years, you will have 36500 in a year and 1,095,000 naira. In 30 years you are a millionaire without stress or a job or business, just by saving a 100 naira note daily. This doesn’t make you rich quickly but you would get rich for sure. Every money  including 5 naira is a seed, you can get rich on the money you are wasting. the longer you wait to get started the steeper the climb. you can’t make poor decisions today and expect wealth tomorrow.

2. Avoid debt: Avoid living above your means. You earn 10,ooo naira a month, you have no other source of income and you try buying a shoe of 15,000 naira. The  truth is you cannot avoid the debt because your next month’s salary that you have not even seen would have to pay for it. If you do not have the money, well let it go. A debtor is a slave to the lender. The life of a debtor is stagnant and everyone in life wants to move forward so, avoid debt.

3. Account For Every Penny: “I  had some money yesterday and I cannot even place what I spent it on now it’s finished”. I’ve heard people use this phrase so much that it almost seems normal to the world. Ever wondered why records are kept in business organizations? It is to monitor the money flow and productivity. Treat yourself like an organization, everyday or week evaluate and give account of the money you’ve spent. When you spend money on unnecessary things, the awareness dawns on you. this way you can  keep check of your spending rate. Do not forge productivity, if you spent the money on something unnecessary document it, if you spent it on ice-cream document it. Do not lie to yourself because you’d be cheating yourself. The greatest form of deceit is self-deceit.

4. Control Money: Never let money control you. How do you control money? Simple. Have a plan in the following order:

-10% for God or charity

– Save 10%

– Self



-Household expenses (food ingredients, etc)




-Debt/ Miscellaneous (spontaneous / unplanned spending)

-Business expenses (investment)

Every month or day, any money you get break it into the following categories. Never substitute any one for the other. If there’s excess, in any category, save it.

to be continued…