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The Life House presents Woman Rising 2016

The Life House is proud to present Woman Rising 2016 in special celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD). The Life House is an art, culture and lifestyle concept that offers an alternative social experience for residents in Lagos. WOMAN RISING is an integral arts development and performance event at the core of The Life House’s women’s development vision and was designed to further buttress the mission of community development and capacity building through music and musicianship. READ MORE



As it is, Einsteinette already means female Einstein et Social geek. I love to read and devour materials and crack puzzles but I also love to meet people and hang out in new places too. I have my geek moments but I realized that having the right friends is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you.I have my loner moments but I’m friendly and outgoing. _MG_9358_MG_9362 Ever heard that if you want to keep a secret from an African man put it in a book, scrap the African, it’s everywhere, people don’t like to read but I must say it’s helpful. Be informed!!!equotess1 READ MORE