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Self Appraisal


A very beautiful day

An awesome day to take a stroll, I say to myself

I put on my shoes and grab my jacket

The question of destination rings my head

What the heck? It’s a stroll

Just an activity to wallow in myself

Free up disk space in my mind

Just sort myself out in general

I smile to myself

The thrills of not knowing what to expect lights up my curiosity

I step out

The cool morning breeze hits my face

The chills of excitement engulf me

The dews on the green plants are beautiful

The morning is so quiet and calm

With just a few workaholics running to get coffee or catch the bus

I’m sure they wish they were me

I walk down a street and I notice a massive store

Well known because of its reputation of quality

They sold the best of things

I take a long peek and

Suddenly, I notice something I had never seen there before

Something different,classy, extraordinary, beautiful and awesome

I have never seen anything like it

Unique was not enough to encompass it

I am not exaggerating because I was shocked myself

I reached out to touch it but there was a glass separating us

I noticed  something remarkable

It also reached out to touch me but the glass stopped it

In amazement I stepped back a little

Only to realize it was my Reflection.