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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! “Life is a play without a chance for rehearsal” I’m sure you are very familiar with the saying. Your life just plays out and every scene is on stage. You are the lead character and you rule your world. It’s a new year and I know a lot of us are battling with resolutions we set that we may have already broken. It is high time you leave the resolution making and focus on writing and achieving goals. It should be a daily routine to strive towards becoming a better individual not a yearly thing that you decide to give up after failing in the first month to uphold. Sit down, pick a pen and paper, your I-pad, computer or phone and ask yourself what you want to achieve this year. It could range from 1-12 things. Break it down further into monthly goals. The steps to take monthly to achieve the yearly goals and further dissect it into weekly goals and then daily goals. You would find yourself feeling a bit more focused daily and reenergized rather than drained. Take out time to review yourself and your goals every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep. Follow this principle for 3 months consistently and I assure you that the difference would be clear. It works 99.9% of the time.

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Life is too short to not make an impact. You can’t afford to waste any minute. You do not know the value of life until it turns to dust and slips through your fingers. It is a priceless gift, you can’t afford to waste it complaining and focusing on everything that has gone wrong ignoring what is right. Everyone has problems but not everyone makes an impact with their lives even if they are empowered to. Quit the negative thinking and complaints. Focus on more logical thinking where you weigh your options before making decisions. Ditch those resolutions, put on the garment of maturity and focus on your goals. Life is a play, you are the lead actor, YOUR CURTAINS HAVE BEEN DRAWN, ACT WISELY BEFORE THEY FALL FINALLY.




Hello friends and dedicated readers, 2012 has come and gone and @ 00:00am I was (I still am) grateful to God for life and for you. Many didn’t make it but we did.
Life taught us lessons in 2012 don’t lose sight of what you’ve learned. Be careful not to make the same mistakes that you made last year because only a fool will keep doing the same things and expect a different result.
Many of us believe that we make new year resolutions and #poof we are changed people. Life is a process, we develop habits with time. It is a gradual process. Work on yourself. I will work on myself too no human being is perfect but we can all work towards perfection. We humans are capable of being anything we want to be. I believe in you and I know we can walk through this year and have beautiful stories at the end of it.
2013 Is here don’t procrastinate. Live smoothly, forgive, love and make this year count.