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It’s amazing how when a child is born, people rejoice and a ceremony is organized but not as emphasized as the burial or death of a person. I mean, even broke people go the extra mile to give “befitting burials” and spend money on all the rites that need to be fulfilled. Sometimes 3 cows would be slaughtered, new expensive clothes would be bought, food would be prepared for guests, both invited and uninvited, money would be contributed etc. In some parts of Nigeria, the inability to meet up with these financial demands may force the family members to store the body in the mortuary for months or even years before consideration of burial. Note that, there is an intense possibility that throughout his lifetime, he wore torn clothes and struggled to afford 2 square meals but in death, he is adorned with the best clothes and more money is showered on his burial than it was ever given to him when he was alive.

I listened to the interview of Derenle on The Juice and I heard him talk about how people said mean things about Goldie but when she died people had nice things to say. Things should would have been happier as a person if they were said to her when she was alive. Why make people feel terrible in their lifetime and say nice things about them when they are dead. I feel it’s hipocricy.

Not only Nigerians are guilty of this, I see foreigners reverence you more in death than in your lifetime. I have perfect examples. Leonardo DiCaprio is most likely not to win a Grammy even with all his hit movies till he probably dies, they’ll give him an Icon award… OK maybe that’s a fallacy but Bob Marley got a Grammy in death. Let’s even ignore Grammies and all. Michael Jackson was bankrupt at some point but in his death he made enough money to pay off his debt and even broke financial records that he did not break in his life time. It was as though more people knew him in his death than in his 50 years of existence.

I understand the idea of “Legends” and “Legacy” but why not give the person the chance to enjoy the fruit of their labor in their lifetime?

Maybe I do not understand it but my question is,

Are you more relevant in death than your time of existence? Are you more relevant when your process of decay is triggered as opposed to when you are walking and taking strides on earth full of life?

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