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Through a Different Lens: Chudy Ogobegwu’s Picture

I came across this picture taken by my friend, Chudy. At first, it looked like a normal picture but as I read the caption, I felt different emotions. One of realization, understanding, gratitude, empathy… to be honest, it was a flood of emotions that I probably cannot categorize into words. I need to stop talking. Let the pictures speak instead. If you find words to express what you thought or how you felt, please share in the comment box.

Sometimes, you just need an encounter or experience to remind you who you could be and validate your potential!

We all feel this way in some ways:

Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu
Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu
Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu

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Finally you can find more works by Chudy on his Instagram page: @thechudy_