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Through a Different Lens: Chudy Ogobegwu’s Picture

I came across this picture taken by my friend, Chudy. At first, it looked like a normal picture but as I read the caption, I felt different emotions. One of realization, understanding, gratitude, empathy… to be honest, it was a flood of emotions that I probably cannot categorize into words. I need to stop talking. Let the pictures speak instead. If you find words to express what you thought or how you felt, please share in the comment box.

Sometimes, you just need an encounter or experience to remind you who you could be and validate your potential!

We all feel this way in some ways:

Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu
Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu
Shot by Chudy Ogobegwu

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Finally you can find more works by Chudy on his Instagram page: @thechudy_



How Many Sides Are There to a Coin

Up or down
Top or bottom
Happy or sad
Tall or short
Yes or no
Good or bad
Black or white
That’s all it’s always been for me.
I forget that there’s always something in between
The fact that it may not be so significant does not rule out its existence
There is a buffer between the bottom and top
The fact that it’s infinitesimal doesn’t erase it into oblivion.
I’m quick to ignore the space between up and down
I’m fast to forget the bliss of indifference
I ignore the existence of maybe or 50shades of grey in between black and white
I understand better that there is a balance and equilibrium point of every 2 extremes.
I think you should know this too
These been said
In your Opinion
How many sides are there to a coin?


The Perspective

They got to the shore of the sea, it looked liked the exact opposite of yesterday. Yesterday it was alive with agile and able fishermen trying to fish for the biggest fish in the sea and their families cheering them on. He was one of the best fisherman in the village and was a judge in the contest. Today, the shore looked deserted and this is the main reason he decided to fish today with his family. He loved the peace and calmness. He got on a boat with his two sons and daughter and sailed deep into the heart of the sea. His wife had suggested she stayed at home to take care of the house. He smiled as he and the first son tied their baits on the hook and tossed it in the water. It was evening and the breeze was calm. They had four large fish in the boat.

Everything seemed fine until a sudden thunder struck. The clouds thickened and the wind became stronger. The boat rocked as the waves became stronger. Panic gripped them. He was the father, he had to be in control so that the kids could feel safe, but he was scared. He didn’t want to lose his kids. They were at the middle of the sea!!! The clouds got darker and the heavy storm started. It rained heavily. The fisherman and his eldest son wanted to paddle but they didn’t know which direction to go. He stood in the boat and looked for a sign of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was a tall wooden tower with a large lamp hanging from the roof that helped fishermen to find their way back to the village shore but for some reason today he couldn’t see the light. The lighthouse was the only thing that could have brought them back home and it was gone. It was their compass. He did not know the way back to the village shore. He did not know which way to paddle. He was confused. The fear of losing his kids gripped him. His daughter was crying as she gripped her father’s arms. They were taking on too much water. The 2 sons grabbed the bowls in the boat and tried to get rid of excess water. It was over!!!. There was no hope for them. He hugged his children and comforted them, saying
“only God will deliver us from this”.

He shut his eyes tight withholding tears from falling and as he finally opened them, he saw an orange spot, he asked his eldest son to paddle towards the spot which he pointed while his last daughter and son used the bowls in the boat to get rid of the water in the boat. He and his eldest son paddled with all their might. The spot got bigger as they got closer and then it suddenly disappeared and became smoke. It occurred to him that the light had been a fire. The wind was against them but they battled. Finally, they got to the shore. They were all exhausted and were tearfully thanking God for saving them. They saw the remains of the light house. It had been totally destroyed by the storm. He heard someone weeping at the far end of the shore and he went closer to observe with his kids. It was his wife. First, he thought she was crying because she thought she had lost them but as he lifted her up saying “we are here, my love”,
she stared at him with so much pain and wept even more on his shoulders.
“The house, the house is all gone along with everything in it. There was a fire and it consumed everything”
He looked at her, tears filled his eyes as he saw the sadness that crossed the face of his wife and kids. He narrated their ordeal with the wind in the sea and smiled at her
“Where there is life, there is hope. We are alive and there’s a chance of recovering all that is lost together as a family. Thankfully you are not a childless widow. If that house didn’t burn, we’d have been lost forever. There are two sides to this story but I choose to see the beautiful side”
He hugged them.
“It will be well”

There are always 2 sides of an experience. Somethings have to happen for better things to come. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Remember, where there’s life there’s hope. So let’s play a game, call it the perspective game: when things don’t happen as expected or when bad things happen, find a positive situation to counter it e.g

Negative situation: you had an extra year in school
Counter thought: there is something extra that you have to learn that will give you an edge over others and skyrocket you faster to the top above your peers
Remember, The harder the situation better the game. I read somewhere that “life is all about perspective, the sinking of titanic was a blessing to the prawns in the kitchen of the ship”.
The game helps reduce your worries and gives you a better view of life.

If you need help playing the game, feel free to mention @ms_einsteinette or email