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When you want to sign up for anything online or on paper, companies make you fill countless forms and all requesting for your name, birthday, mother’s maiden name, etc. but how do they use all this information to their advantage and create a personal experience that creates  a tighter bond between us and them? It just occurred to me that no African/Nigerian brand bothered wishing me a happy birthday on the 16th of October. READ MORE

In Rome, DO NOT Behave Like A Roman

You are probably familiar with this proverb “when in Rome, behave like a Roman” you may have told someone at some point.
In my opinion, this proverb is not always right and it can encourage pretense. If I’m in Rome and I am Nigerian, How would I represent? How will people know my real nationality? How will my good works be tied to my country?
My point is, the proverb kinda makes you average. You become the round peg in the round hole. You get lost in the crowd because everyone is doing the same thing, that is,  Behaving like a Roman
Let your uniqueness out, let it show. That uniqueness is practically what people will notice and admire or criticize but in the end you are recognized and identified as a person with a difference. It’s your uniqueness that can get you that Job,Visa,Admission etc.
I know a guy who went seeking for a job. He didn’t pretend and try to impress the panel interviewing him. He kept his personality intact and was honest through it all and the chairman commented “Every other person that has walked into the office, told us what they assumed we would want to hear but you young man told us what we didn’t expect to hear. Resume on Monday. You’ve got the job and you deserve it”
Define yourself. Be identified for who you are. Represent something. Don’t flow with the wind to Impress. In the End, when in Rome, NEVER behave like a Roman. Be Yourself


My Sempiternal Muse

I stood clueless

I didn’t know what to do as the music played

I felt stupid as the music played. I was embarrassed

I was alone but I felt eyes watching me

The pain drained me in ways I couldn’t explain

I closed my eyes and tried to hold the tears from coming

I wanted to express myself with my whole body not just my eyes

Was that too much to ask?

I wallowed in my pain and feeling of defeat

Suddenly, I felt someone take my right hand

He pulled me into his arms and whispered

I’m here now and I’d be here for you always

Just let me be the one you’d express yourself through

I didn’t know who spoke but he gave me so much assurance

I trusted him

His voice was subtle and convincing

I felt him direct me

He melted into me

He interpreted every rhythm and word

He controlled me

I let him do what he wanted

The way he wanted it

My body swayed and obeyed him

My body popped when it needed to

It moved sometimes like I had no bone in it

It moved swiftly sometimes

And slow at other times

I reached heights I had never reached

He took charge

I couldn’t hold back the smiles

I felt stronger and in control

Never thought I could express myself like this

Even when I was tired, I felt joy and satisfaction

He was the best thing that ever happened to me

The feeling was the most beautiful thing ever

I decided never to let go of it ever

To me dance is more than an act but a personality.