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Motion and Life

We were taught newton’s laws of motion and we studied them because we had to pass our exams but when you take a deeper look at it, you’d realize that they are simple laws of life. Your will power, effort and thought quality come together to form the force required to push or redirect you in life.

The more the mass of your dreams or ambition, the more force you need to guarantee its acceleration. Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. Consistency is key in success. When you stop applying force to your dreams, they start to decelerate at an exponential rate. You can defy gravity if the force you apply is strong enough to push it out of earth (beyond the imaginations of people).

What drives you?

What is your force?

I hate stagnation, this hate for stagnation and being average pushes me.

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Keep Moving.

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The Universal Expression

That moment
The moment when it’s just you in your own world
A beat plays and you feel a tingling sensation within
Nothing else matters
You really do not care if anyone is watching
The music bonds with your body
The lyrics bond with the heart
The body and brain join forces
They make beautiful steps in tune with the rhythm
The joy you feel is unexplainable
Sometimes we laugh because of this joy
Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the joy and we cry
Somehow people watching understand
They understand the emotions behind the movements
It feels beautiful
It is the only way a Spanish person can communicate to a Chinese without speaking
It is a universal language
It’s all I want to do when I’m sad
Happy, Angry, Celebrating, Hyper
Countless emotions are expressed by it
It is a universal expression from the heart
what more can i say to describe the beauty of dancing…