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So for a while now, I have been thinking of ways to get better in the branding and digital marketing field. I’m good but I want to be better. I finally found a way, it required education and money of course. As I was enrolling for the course I wondered how I would raise the fees and still balance my life. To add to all of this, I was house scouting and that requires rent, agency fee, legal fee, etc. I’m still expected to eat, transport myself, and furnish the house… My dear, growing up is not easy. If you are still a teenager, please bask in the joy of your teenage years o!



So I was with a couple of friends in camp sitting outside and taking in the view. There’s really no view actually, just black muddy sand with grasses trying to overpower their existence to no avail and people in white shorts and shirts roaming about “otondos” as they are called (ok fine, I was one of the white and white people too, so let’s say…as we were called). Otondo means white fowl. It is what young corps members are called. A guy, my friend actually, Kelvin Aigbefo, stirred up a conversation by asking

“If you were asked to bathe naked during parade for 10 million naira, confirmed, would you?”

One guy replied

“10 million? Ahhhh I would bath and dance shoki sef because I’d be feeling like I’m cheating them. I’d do more sef. I’d bath 3 times.”

In his opinion, someone had just given him money tree to shake…lol.


More comments poured in, their eyes shone like they were already offered the money. When I said I couldn’t, people attacked me and said it was because I didn’t see the money. I was sure I couldn’t. I pictured how people would bring out their phones and record and take pictures, I pictured the look on my future husband’s face and those of my kids. I did a mental conversion of 10million to dollars, it actually wasn’t worth much. Then I asked myself, if you offered this to Dangote’s son, would he do it?

Then I said, the worth of money is actually relative. 10 million to me is not 10 million to you and it is not 10million to Goodluck Jonathan. If you can bath outside for 10 million then you have no right to judge the suicide bombers for collecting 50,000 to 100,000 naira to bomb a place because 50,000naira to him is like 10 million. A prostitute giving off her body for 20,000 naira is equivalent to your 10 million naira bants.

A lot of us are self centered. We think about just ourselves, our family and that’s all. Everything circles around us. We are eager to make money, whether it is a dishonorable or honorable way. We just want to make the money. There are many people making huge sum of money yet cannot be recognized on Forbes’s list. They can’t even invite them to share their money making strategy because they don’t have one. They just steal the money or get it via dubious means.

So after having your bath for 10million, if you’re invited for an interview what will you say? Would you be confident enough to go to schools and inspire kids on how to make money? Would you feel equal when you stand next to a man that works for his money or has a business that has yielded the same amount?

Once we can put our integrity before money, money will chase us. Work hard and smart for every penny you earn. It is the first step to corruption eradication. Avoid fast money syndrome. Don’t let money control you, control money. So I leave you with this question

Would you have your bath in a public place full of people for 10million naira?