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Dreams (Limited or Limitless)

I sat in my sitting room flipping through channels, looking for something to help me escape from my crazy day when I stumbled on a documentary of Makoko by Femi Odugbemi on Ebonylife TV. It made me think about DREAMS.

What influences them?

What determines them?

What creates them?

It made me realize how powerful our environment is. How our environment can limit or expand our dreams. How you can aspire to so little (below your potential) because that’s how far your eyes can see. I understand a lot of things better now and find it very difficult to judge people because I can barely understand where they are coming from. I can try to imagine but that’s the best I can get. That’s the best anyone can get. It is difficult to understand other people’s point of pain, you can only imagine

Back to the main point of this write-up; the environment has a large part to play in your dreams. The question is , will your environment limit or expand your dreams? Are your dreams just as good as the environment you find yourself? How would you know if your dreams are lower than your potential? How can you dream beyond your environment?

I don’t have all the answers but the few ways that come to mind are:

Friends, Family, School, Books, TV, Radio, Media, Travel and Music


These are a few suggestions that can expand your view of life and give you a platform to dream bigger and be more! You can share more but remember, your dreams can never be too big. Don’t stop dreaming.

It’s also not enough to dream, take at least one step to achieve your dreams everyday. It’s the least you can do for yourself and your future. Once again, Don’t stop dreaming. If you ever need inspiration, click me