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The Reality in Fairytale

Today, I scanned through the files on my laptop and found my cartoon folder. I felt the urge to watch the cartoons in the classic folder. I watched Mulan, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas and Snow White. I also watched some episodes of Tom and Jerry (hehehe, I just had to… funny cartoon). I just practically relived my childhood. There is reality in Fairytale. My epiphany came while I watched Sleeping Beauty. READ MORE


When you want to sign up for anything online or on paper, companies make you fill countless forms and all requesting for your name, birthday, mother’s maiden name, etc. but how do they use all this information to their advantage and create a personal experience that creates  a tighter bond between us and them? It just occurred to me that no African/Nigerian brand bothered wishing me a happy birthday on the 16th of October. READ MORE



Yes People, “The Diamond of Life” is on Jumia!!!!

The rich and poor have 24hours, the old and the young, the happy and sad, the child and an adult have 24 hours, many more questions… what differentiates us? Many say our personalities but then I’ve seen a poor sanguine and a rich sanguine. So what then is the difference?


The Flip Side

Was never the superstitious type,
Never placed myself with luck either,
It never decided my actions I decided it’s,
Always knew there was something beyond normal about me,
Found a group of misfits so I feathered up and joined the flock,
Now am stumping thoughts bouncing off ideas and dreams of being great,
Is it all fate or just an imaginarium built by my own words?
Is it possible to breathe life into my thoughts and make them live?
A battle with the skeletons in my closet,
Death met them with the sword,
Glance at the reality of the wicked dreams of my phantom,
Crooked smiles, hand placed on my heart while I sing my anthem,
Only the clouds can see the buried lies I concealed in the coffin,
The blurred lines paving ways for the truth in her courage,
A harmony of confusion synchronizing the evil lurking,
A feast for bandits searching for the lost scrolls of my tainted ways,
Stopped talking and started acting based on the visions of my beautiful fantasy,
Managed by the character I created solely for my reality,
Now I stare at my empire as the ghost of my failure packs his luggage to leave,
Frightened by the smirk on the faces of my achievement,
Threatened by the impenetrable armor of their immortality,
Farewell my ghost companion,
Take this epistle, it is a simple account of how I positioned my ladder to climb from tail to head,
And decide your fate.

I’m a winner.

The flip side is my tale of my success and how I defeated my fears and failure and sent them parking into oblivion.


Tafeeda and Einsteinette.

Motion and Life

We were taught newton’s laws of motion and we studied them because we had to pass our exams but when you take a deeper look at it, you’d realize that they are simple laws of life. Your will power, effort and thought quality come together to form the force required to push or redirect you in life.

The more the mass of your dreams or ambition, the more force you need to guarantee its acceleration. Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. Consistency is key in success. When you stop applying force to your dreams, they start to decelerate at an exponential rate. You can defy gravity if the force you apply is strong enough to push it out of earth (beyond the imaginations of people).

What drives you?

What is your force?

I hate stagnation, this hate for stagnation and being average pushes me.

If you need a succinct reminder about this post, take this picture.



Keep Moving.

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