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                                                                          My Inner Core,

                                                              My Soul,

                                                                My Heart,

                                                                                  Exactly where I am,


Dear Crush,

Normal people would start by asking how you are and your family and all that junk that they really don’t care about but honestly, I couldn’t care less!!! I don’t care at all!!! Why should I? The formality is unnecessary. You’ve ruined ME!!! I never thought I’d ever be in a tight corner like this, a corner where I breathe and do not breathe at the same time.

This can’t be infatuation, it should be love because if it is not love. I wonder what love is and I don’t want to experience it!!! Ok…If I must experience it, it should be with you. I cannot understand living in a world where you do not exist. It hurts when I see you and I can’t have you. I know you do not think about me as much as I think of you. I know you do not think of me at all but I can’t reciprocate that action ‘cuz all I do is think about you. I imagine the time the Creator spends making you. I know He always puts a new touch on you everyday to retain your ever fresh perfection. Who said no one is perfect? I don’t blame them, they’ve not met you. I love the sweetness you exude, your scent, your beauty, your diversity…

No I can’t continue… Grab an umbrella because the wetness dripping from this mushy talk can cause a storm. You make me happy when I see and have you, sad when I don’t. You make me better, you make me worse. You are my bad habit and my best company… you send a commotion of feelings and emotions through my life. I am crazy… I know but I’m crazy in love with you. I am not bothered about you reading this because you can’t.

To my Crush that has crushed me- Chocolate Cake.

To me you are perfect.

#M2E metrres to eden and einsteinette

Yours Crushingly,




My sweet baby,
As this pen touches this paper, smiles takeover my face and heart. Overwhelming joy and warmth fills me. God chose me to be the shelter for you for nine months and I’m glad that he finally sent my own angel to me to cool me off in the midst of the fire of earth. My love, you are a blessing and I treasure you. You saved me from shape and restored my dark clouds. I’m sure you’re confused. Ids explain:
Your father and I were so in love. They say all men are the same but he was a unique breed, different from anyone I have ever met. If there was a word that could separate him from the human race, I think “Angel” would suit him perfectly. He had a big heart. We got married and lived happily until dark clouds rested on our roof. His family harassed me constantly because I couldn’t bear a child for their son. They never really accepted me into the family because I was poor. My mother died while giving birth to me. When I was 16 my father died of cancer because we didn’t have sufficient money for the hospital bills. My uncle took care of me till I met your father. He became everything to me in spite of his family’s opinion about me. He never loved me less, he didn’t cheat and he never left my side. He dried my tears and encouraged me. In the midst of our trips to the hospital to find a solution to my bareness, the doctor discovered I had an ovarian cancer. We decided to take the risk of operation.
It’s been 10years since I got married. The operation took place 8years ago and just when I was about giving up, you came my way. I am so happy that you are here with me now. I know everyday you’ll wonder where your father is, he died two months after we received the good news that I was finally pregnant in a car crash. Too bad he won’t witness your birth but I’m sure he’ll always look out for you from wherever he is.
Don’t be sad my child, you have me. I’d never leave your side. Anytime you need me I’d be there. I’d be your mother, father, sister, brother, playmate, best friend and anything you want if only you let me. I won’t let you slip into the wrong path because I care too much to lose you to the evil claws of “pampering”. I love you. Words are not enough to communicate how I feel about your presence in my life. Life has dealt with me but it handed me a precious gift to wipe away my sorrows, YOU. Remember never to give up on life. Don’t Quit! You are the ruler of your world and what becomes of it is determined by what you create in it. Never let challenges weigh you down. Depend totally on God because even when everyone leaves and everything fails, he’ll be there. Control your mind and you’ll be able to control your world. Never let people determine your path for you. Follow your passion. You are a brave child and you’ll succeed in all you do. I will always be here to support you whenever you need me, until God feels it’s time for me to go. I love you.
Yours forever,
Your Mum (would be any other thing for you).




Dear You,

Yes you

You are the exact person

I am writing about and to

How did we ever meet

Why did we ever meet

I ask myself everyday

And all I get as an answer is

This meeting was and is worth it

I would give anything in my next life

To be with you again

You are a brother

You are a lover

You are a father

You are still a best friend

You are practically the best thing

That has ever happened to me

Yes, you are not perfect

Yes, you are not a King or prince

Yes, you are not Warren Buffet

Yes,you are not Mark Zuckerberg

You are not the richest or cutest

But you are cute and

You love and value me

You are patient with me

You believe in me

You are You, just You

That is all that really matters to me.


Yours growing in Love with You,