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If you missed out on the first part,


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My dad got married to this beautiful lady called Lauryn. They had been lovers since their university days. My dad actually said it started since their high school days. Their relationship grew into something too beautiful. Their marriage was a blessed matrimony, unfortunately, for 10 years they were childless.

Lauryn was diagnosed of polycystic ovary syndrome meaning she was incapable of producing mature eggs. She also had 3 miscarriages when she conceived by chance. If they were to ever have a child again, it had to be a surrogate mother and a donated egg. She didn’t want anyone she knew to donate the eggs but her best friend signed a contract to be the surrogate mum. At the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Center, at their family hospital, a directory was given to her to choose a donor egg. As she flipped through the pages, the properties Maureen caught her. She almost felt like she was described on that page, long dark hair, average height, smart, meticulous, strong-willed and many other similarities that struck her. Lauryn felt with all that similarity, the child will grow up feeling like she was the real mum. Voila!!! a donor egg was chosen and her husband’s sperm was collected. The doctor planted the fertilized egg in her best friend, Susanne, the surrogate mother.  They signed all the documents that needed to be signed with the hospital and the surrogate mother. She spent a large sum paying the surrogate mother, the hospital, the doctor, the medical bills, everything! Excitement rushed through her as her imagination of having a baby of her own was slowly becoming a reality. The thought of it flirted with her, teasing her excitement.

9 months  later..

The baby was born and everyone was happy. They had all gotten what they wanted. My surrogate mother breast-fed me for 6 months and a few days…

5 years later…

Lauryn tried to be there for her husband like old times (BEFORE MY BIRTH I MEAN) but she was too busy and occupied with caring for me and doing everything to keep me happy. She paid less attention to my dad and her best friend until he finally blurted out

“I want a divorce”

She was shocked. How had they gotten here? What was she doing wrong? She could not even save her marriage anymore. The secret affair between another woman and her man had become glaring to her. He loved this new girl he met on a business trip that reminded him so much Lauryn and he wanted to marry her.

Long story short… At the court, during the divorce the lawyer discovered that she was the owner of the egg that formed me. She was Maureen and the judge ruled that the couple (my dad and Maureen) should keep me as theirs after their marriage. My mum went crazy. . .

To be continued…