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January 19

Diva Davina


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Davina!!!!!!

I wish you a great and a happy birthday…I wish you every good thing you wish yourself. I wish you the best of life. Practically you have spent 19 years on earth and you have affected the world in diverse ways through your singing, dancing and your listening spirit. You are welcoming, reserved and you are a very unique and rare gem. You are a special person and I hope you never change for anything or anyone. I am damn right sure that your parents are proud of you right now and I am even more convinced they haven’t seen nothing. You have put smiles on my face and i am sure you have done the same for other friends and your family. I pray that God showers unimaginable blessings and favors on you. You’d excel in unimaginable ways. I wish you long life and prosperity. I must sha eat cake. You can’t blame a cake freak like me.*covers face*


Keep being you. Keep being Davina Oriakhi and  Blessing Abeng, Einsteinette, Reflections, Omega, DRS, EWDA, and Urbanfoot….oh yeah and all your #CUfriends  LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU A GREAT BIRTHDAY.




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