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A Tiny Detail We May Have Missed

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Yesterday I sat at a seminar and the guest speaker shared a story and I felt a new light of understanding appear to illuminate many dark areas of life. Many of us have probably heard the story of David and Goliath but I’m sure none of us ever thought about it in the way I’m about to re-tell. I’ll re-tell this story and draw your attention to one tiny important detail most of us missed.


so that beautiful day, 1 man used his size to oppress hundreds of trained soldiers, if not more. He roared threats and bragged  frightening the young experienced fighters by just words. I think I should start from scratch (it will be a summary) for those that are not familiar with the story.


A country was faced with war. They had able bodied fighters that had won wars and helped in taking over nations. They were one of the strongest armies at that time but their current opponent came with a giant to challenge them. This GIANT instilled fear in the famous world recognized fighters. They were consumed by fear and hid in the shadows and the fear drained every fiber of strength that they had. They couldn’t confront the enemy for different reasons known to them. (Did I mention that the king was hiding too? well he was and he couldn’t lead his people to defeat this guy. At least if 20 of the soldiers took on this giant at once and defeated him, I’m sure their opponent will be demoralized and they’ll have won but they didn’t. Their bodies and brains froze by the sight and sound of this giant). One young boy was sent by his father to give food to his elder brothers at the battlefield or maybe we should call it the chilling field because they were waiting for days for someone to volunteer to take on the giant. He was irritated by the noise and the fear of the people and volunteered to fight the giant (notice how i said young boy not man).

His courage took him to the king and the king tried putting on armors for this young boy. The metal armors  were too heavy for the young boy. He remembered things he had done in the past( like kill a bear and a lion to save his sheep) and this helped him summon more courage to face the giant plus I’m sure he also felt empty barrels made the loudest noise (The giant may have been physically sound but he was mentally disabled else he’d have spent more time thinking not talking and bragging). The young boy asked to be stripped of the armor and face the giant with nothing but his normal clothes and stones (stones!!!!! who does that). The boy designed a strategy and determined he would give the giant what he least expected. The giant expected a close range hand to hand battle (arm wrestle) but David decided to attack from a distance. The giant bragged and threatened this young boy but he did not budge. He replied him with so much confidence that stunned the giant and the on-lookers. There was no fight recorded, The boy threw a stone that hit the giant on a strategic point on his head and the well suited up giant died without laying a finger on the young boy.

Never let fear rob you of the chance to move on to better heights. When consumed by fear, think more about the resultant effect if you don’t take an action or bold step and not what may happen if you take the step. Don’t be self centered. Courage is not the inverse of fear but response to fear. Never rush blindly to attack life challenges. Look for the loop holes/ Achilles’s heel of your challenges. Don’t let the irresponsibility of others stop you from taking responsibility. Never let anyone compel you to do something not in line with your strategy to achieve success. Don’t let anyone talk you down.

Don’t let the physical appearance of a thing way you down, you possess an inner strength far stronger than that thing/ challenge. If you have other contributions feel free to drop it in the comment box and educate us :). Have a fab week.



Value Orientation 2

If you missed the first part of this click VALUE Orientation . Enjoy reading…

…He said ‘I want a mine of diamonds’ and he lay awake all night.

Early the next morning he sought the priest. The priest always gets crossed when awakened early in the morning. Ali was too curious to care, he shook the priest out of his dreams  and said to him

‘Will you tell me where I can find diamonds?’

‘Diamonds! What do you want diamonds for?

‘Why? I wish to be immensely rich’

‘Well, then, go and find them and then you can have them’

‘But I don’t know where to go’

‘Well, if you find a river that runs through white sand, between high mountains in those white sands you will always find diamonds. I don’t believe there’s any such river’

‘Of course there are plenty of them across the globe. All I have to do is go and find them and have them, I will go’ Ali concluded.


He sold his 3 farms, collected the money and left his family under the care of a neighbor and he went in search of the diamonds, but never found anything. He came to Palestine, then wandered on into Europe, and at last when his money was spent and he was in rags, wretchedness, and poverty, he stood on the shore of that bay at Barcelona, in Spain when one day a tidal wave came rolling in between the Pillars of Hercules and the poor, afflicted, suffering, dying man could not resist the temptation to cast himself in the incoming tide and sank beneath its foaming crest never to rise in this life again.

The man who purchased Ali’s barren farm and house, went to the farm one day and tried to make ridges, as he dug, his hoe struck a stone. Ali’s successor noticed a curious flash of light from the white sands of the stream. He pulled out a stone having an eye of light reflecting all the hues of the rainbow. He took the pebble into the house and put it on the mantel piece and forgot all about it.

A few days later the priest came and visited Ali’s successor, and the moment he opened that drawing room door he saw a flash of light and, he rushed to it and shouted ‘has Ali returned? Here is a diamond!!!’

‘Oh no, Ali has not returned and that is not a diamond. That is nothing but a stone I found right here in our own garden.’

‘But’, said the priest, ‘I tell you I know a diamond when I see it. I know positively that this is a diamond’

They rushed to the stream in that old barren farm and found a shack buried there and Ali’s successor became immensely rich and influential from the sales of diamond.

The points to derive will be stated next week.



VALUE Orientation

Ali owned three very large farms. He was a rich and contented man. He had three kids, two sons and a daughter. His wife died giving birth to their daughter. He loved his kids and provided as much as he could for them. All his farmlands produced bountiful yields except one. That particular farm never yielded anything not even a leaf. It was behind his house and the biggest farmland he had. It amazed him because it was close to a stream.

One day he sat outside his house enjoying the fresh air, trying to decide what to do with his barren and infertile land, when his friend, an ancient Buddhist priest, one of the wise men of the east walked into the compound to see him. Ali welcomed him and they talked about lots of things over wine. The wise man told the old farmer a story of how this world was once a mere bank of fog, and the almighty thrust His finger around, increasing the speed until at last He whirled this bank of fog into a solid ball of fire. It went rolling through the universe, burning its way through other banks of fog, and condensed the moisture without, until it fell in floods of rain upon its hot surface, and cooled the outward crust. Then the internal fires bursting outward through the crust threw up the mountains and hills, the valleys, the plains and prairies of this wonderful world of ours. If this internal molten mass came bursting outward and cooled very quickly it became granite, less quickly copper, less quickly silver, less quickly gold, and after gold, diamonds were made.

The old priest told him that ‘A diamond is a congealed drop of sunlight.’ Now they say that is literally true, that a diamond is an actual deposit of carbon from the sun. The old priest told Ali that if he had one diamond the size of this thumb he could purchase the county, and if he had a mine of diamonds he could place his children thrones through the influence of their great wealth.

Ali heard all about diamonds, how much they worth and went to bed that night discontented with his current state and thirsty for diamonds. He said, ‘I want a mine of diamonds,’ and he… (To be Continued)