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Please #SAVEOYAYI from the jaws of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a terrible thing. Cancer generally is. People die of cancer everyday. Some people are subjected to living in fear, unsure of what would happen the next minute. We all have problems but no one prays for cancer to be one of them. Flipping through my TL I saw this and it hurt me. The story got to me because I had just seen a play with people who had personal experiences in the cancer battle, directly or indirectly. I heard a guy lament about his mother’s cancer ordeal. I heard another lament about her aunty’s ordeal. The trauma of losing one breast. Did you know even men can have breast cancer, although it’s rare. Hearing people’s pain, stories and experiences made me realize how real cancer is. You may never understand till it happens to you. @projectpinkblue has ceaselessly tweeted day and night soliciting for help for Miss Comfort Oyayi. I read about her cancer story on indiegogo.

In the post, she said:

I’m Miss Comfort Oyayi Daniel.
Save Oyayi

You never really know the value of health till you are sick. I am a woman with a dream to become a journalist and this led me to pursue a degree in mass communication. My zeal and passion for the things I do attracted admirations from people around me who were greatly encouraged.

I kept setting goals and doing my best to build a future not just for myself but also for a better society. Things seemed to be working out well till when I was diagnosed of Breast Cancer (invasive ductal CA of the left breast, ER/PR negative, HER 2 neu positive: Stage 2) at Asokoro Hospital Abuja. I was told it was a malignant tumor, hence life threatening. Since June 2015 when I left the hospital after mastectomy (removal of left breast), I have not been able to go back for thechemotherapy(TCH Taxane, Carboplatin, Herceptin) regimen because I don’t have$35,966.

I struggled all through 2015 to raise the money to no avail. This is 2016 and still nothing. I don’t want it to advance to incurable cancer. I am 34 year old. I have a lot of dreams, aspirations, lives that depend on me and lives to touch. Breast Cancer cannot take all of that from me. I don’t want it to. It has taken enough. My boss fired me immediately after my diagnosis and breast removal (mastectomy). BreastCancer took my job away from me, it has chased suitors away, it has stagnated my dreams, I may never know the joy of a mother at this rate. Breast cancer has taken my left breast; I don’t want it to take my life. My confidence and life is threatened.

…but I believe there is still hope. I am broken but I haven’t given up yet. Where there is life, there is hope. Help me to save my LIFE. It’s a lot of money but your $1 can make a difference. Help me get my life back. Help me achieve my dreams. Help me!

I am Miss Comfort Oyayi Daniel, I do not want to die without living an impact on the world. I do not want to be “the lady that died of breast cancer”, I want to be a woman of impact in Africa.

Cancer affects us all directly or indirectly. Join the fight against cancer and save a beautiful soul today. It could have been any of us! No one chooses to have a MEDICAL condition that is beyond his/her control.

Let’s wipe the tears in my eyes!

Only you can help me prevent the cancer from spreading to other vital organs of my body!Please, Save Oyayi; Contribute to my Chemotherapy. #SaveOyayi”

Spending money comes easily to a lot of people. We spend and may not be able to track what and where we spent the money but this is different. This is someone fighting a life and death situation. Please don’t just look away. I naturally would not post this but I have been heavy-hearted. I could almost not sleep thinking about this woman. Breast cancer was not her fault. She has no husband or child yet. The career she is trying to build has been yanked away from her. The cancer is destroying her life. Please let’s help her get chemotherapy. We do not want the cancer spreading to other parts of her body. Please help her.

You can donate here or you can  pay directly to National Hospital Abuja or pay to Account Name: Health & Psychological Trust Centre SaveOyayi Account No: 6060163812 Bank: Fidelity Bank Plc. For inquiries email or tweet @projectpinkblue

Please visit a doctor today and get yourself examined. The best way to tackle cancer is early detection. No one prays to have it but prevention is better than cure.


Donate one naira, one thousand naira, anything you have. What seems small to you, may be big to another. If you cannot donate, share a picture, tweet, this post, the video, your voice, anything but just don’t do nothing. This affects us all, directly or indirectly. Be kind to a stranger.

A deed has a ripple effect that always comes back to you, good or bad. Please help #SaveOyayi.