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THE TIME WHEEL: A fun way to manage your time

*wide grin* Hi, hope you are having a wonderful day? Well I am and I thought I should share my latest discovery with you. On one of my internet escapades I found something and I think you might find it interesting:

Introducing my latest internet site discovery… *plays theme song, drum rolls*


You’ll have to click to view what it is all about and I think you should visit this site. It’ll teach you great life lessons with the simplest words and illustration. I stumbled on this post by Erin Greenwald titled The Easiest Way to See If You’re Spending Your Time Right  and I saw this activity, tried, saw how much of an eye opener it was and I thought to myself, why don’t I share it with you. You should try it too. Then try it again after a week and then a month and see how much improvement you are making at managing your time. Let’s call it the Time Management Wheel.


All you need for this activity is a crayon or marker or different pen colors or you can be creative and use patterns (dots, thin stripes, thick stripes, deep shading, light shading with pencil and pen) or even your lipstick 🙂 . Just ensure you have something to differentiate each activity with.

Give each activity a unique color in each hour of the circle based on the activity you usually fill that time with. YOU CAN START!

And hey… My book comes out in May, 2014 “THE DIAMOND OF LIFE” by BLESSING ABENG




The Demise Of A Dear Friend

The meeting had just ended my best friend looking cute in his starched shirt and carton colored pants was sitting right beside me, I looked pretty too in my fitted skirt and corporate shirt with a lovely orange necklace. To my right, my sweet friend sat in her beautiful purple camisole and a black blazer and this really wonderful trouser. Her boyfriend wore a starched shirt and a navy blue trouser…..OK wait I am sure you are wondering but it is important to note that we all wore shoes….Ok back to the matter at hand. We were sitting and staring at only God knows what, we had things to do but for some reason we were just sitting there when I broke the news, it was sad painful and we were sober. We never took deaths well, we had lost this friend of ours and it hurt.I wanted to cry but I couldn’t find the tears. We all missed him. We all wanted him there with us but reality dawned on us that we had lost him.

As we spoke, our friend was being buried but we couldn’t make it to the funeral and we really wanted to be part of it so we joined hands and my friend’s boyfriend suggested I speak on behalf of everyone and pay our last respect… words ‘Dear friend, life has been unfair to take you away from us. Every time you were present you found a way to make us efficient and do the right thing. You knew how to convince us in a contagious way. We loved having you around. We can’t get over you. I miss you personally. I pray your spirit comes back to dwell with us, your impact in our lives would forever be remembered. No one can take your place, our darling friend…………GINJA.

In case you don’t know….GINJA (this is a Nigerian slang) is the drive and motivation to do something…we lost it today and it ended up becoming our lazy day and had fun laying around… All work and no play makes jack a dull boy so…..we were being ‘not dull…anyway I heard he regenerates and resurrects because some of our friends have lost theirs but they got it back….#okbye