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Sigmund Freud saw the human psyche structured into 3 parts.
All of which developed at different stages of our lives.

  •  Id
  •  Ego
  •  SuperEgo

Id is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind. No filter. A great sense of freedom. I do what I want with no care in the world. I don’t care about how I look nor how you see me. Meaning, I just do what I like ‘cuz I can. Id seeks pleasure and avoids pain. CHILDLIKE FREEDOM.


Ego is the part of Id modified by the direct influence of the external world. It’s the part of me that comes in contact with reality and a subtle reminder that freedom does not truly exist. My actions affect others and I have to be conscious. I have to consider social realities, norms, etiquettes and rules in one way or the order when deciding to behave. There is no concept of right and wrong. It’s good if it achieves its aim without hurting Id or others. PARTIAL FREEDOM.


SuperEgo consists of 2 systems: Conscience and ideal self. A conscience that punishes the ego with a sense of guilt. It gives Ids demands. The ideal self is an imaginary picture of how I ought to be, aspirations, how to treat people, how to behave as a member of society, a fly stuck in a transparent tumbler, turned upside down. It rewards me, when I behave and punishes me, when I don’t. It sets high standards i can never reach. I want to be because society demands that I be. A sense of freedom, yet a prison in itself. TRAPPED.

It is safe to say, we are all trapped by SuperEgo. Would it be so bad to exist in the Id phase? Freedom, no filter? Or is this trapped life better?

Now, I feel,

Art – Trapped
Artist – @1smahel