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FEBRUARY PROJECT: Love In @Mai_Rean ‘s Words

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The mission is to see Love through your eyes and different articles, letters, notes etcetera would be posted daily to see love via diverse lenses. Express yourself via letters, notes, experiences… Tell us how you view love

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Let’s see Naomi’s (Mai_Rean’s) View of Love

I miss him… alot.
This season, maybe because it is almost the 14th. The only gift I want that day is to see him, hold him, kiss him and…
I love him…. beyond measure.
Some things cannot be measured and love is one of them. I do believe that there is no such thing as true love, or sacrificial love. If it is love, it will always be true. If it is love, it will always involve sacrifices that you would see as nothing.
There are many trades that you’ll make, you’ll wonder where the returns have gone but that’s what makes it love.
Listening to a soundtrack from Twilight. “Goodnight my angel by Robert Pattinson”
It is just an instrumental. An organ…. I love it. It says so much. It has no lyrics, no words whatsoever but it says so much.
I have never wanted someone so desperately.
I do admit that sometimes, he does find his way in my inappropriate thoughts but I also admit that God helps me overcome the lust. I crave to hold him and pet him. To just have him rest in my arms and tell me all his worries knowing that I’d be right there for him. I don’t want him to think I want his money, I just want him to appreciate that his heart means much more than that to me.
I don’t think he understands….
Have you ever wanted so desperately to be there for someone, to kiss their tears, to hold them close and wake up to see them? Have you ever wanted to love them so much you gave them your heart, the one organ that controls your body and life and you walked away, trusting they wouldn’t break it?
I cry for him…
I might just be the best thing he had, starring right in his face and he would walk past me because he wasn’t paying attention. He was probably distracted by one light skinned girl (no offense to the light skinned) standing in the distance and I was probably not wearing any make up so rather than see me as a diamond in the rough or unpurified gold, he chose to see me as a pile of dirt.
He loves I know….
He is listening to too many voices at the same times. His heart says hold her close but the friends, the family and society as well as their expectations of what I should be are making it didfficult for him to choose me.
How do I know I love him and it is not just an infatuation?
I lose my breath around me, I forget my scripted conversation.
I don’t expect him to change
His money doesn’t matter
I can spend even my last dime on him irrespective of the fact that society expects that he be the one to spend on me.
Well he calls  me I listen. When he messes up, I scold him.
When he needs me, I am there.
When we fight, it’s decent.
I can tell him anything.
He knows that it’s between us and not our friends.
How do I know he isn’t playing with me?
First of, he better not be….. LOL
I see it in his eyes that he loves me
He tells me the deepest of his secrets
He has never lied to me (For the record, a lie is the fastest way to fall out with me)
I feel it when he holds me.
I just know in my heart that it’s true.
I don’t need him to buy me a car or an extravagant gift on the 14th of February to prove that he loves me. A simple dinner for two under the moonlight is more than enough.
All the material things can burn and be consumed but love can burn but never be consumed.
Who cares about the other girls relationship, the boy got her a house, that’s probably consolation for cheating every other day.
Ladies, be content with what you’ve got.
When he says he loves you, dare to believe him but when he asks for what you can’t give, deny him.
If he tries to buy you with all the money just so he can use you, tell him you are not for sale…
Dedicated to Sam!

Naomi Ugor

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The mission is to see Love through your eyes and different articles, letters, notes etcetera would be posted daily to see love via diverse lenses. Express yourself via letters, notes, experiences… Tell us how you view love by sending your view to


Today we,ll be focusing on Chidi’s (The LexAsh) view

It’s easy to miss the concept that is Love and use it interchangeably with like. You can’t love without the source. God is Love. So, u have to have God before u can truly Love. To Love now is to give another person the “God” experience, Liking them unconditionally and caring for them to the point of your own expense. Love is stupid… by man’s rational standards, but it is the wisest by the supposed to be standards. it is everything in itself and more. Giving, sharing, caring, that’s all part, particles of it’s full essence. I hope we understand, because not many of us can actually die for others and that’s the ultimate test of Love. The Sacrifice of Self.

-Chidi Ashimole

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Cavey and I started this beautiful project in the quest to see Love through your eyes and different articles would be posted daily to see love via diverse lenses. To be part of this click FEBRUARY PROJECT.

Let’s see what Amir thinks about love:


About love…
Love starts with loving yourself.
Loving your successes, loving your failures (the ones you learn from and the ones you didn’t).
Love continues with loving the bigger then yourself:
Your creator, family and friends, the people surrounding you, animals, nature and the miracle of life.
Love is the ability to have compassion to others that hate, harmed and offended you.
Love is taking the day, your circumstances – the cards of your life, and ‘play’ the best with what you got, instead of looking for a new deck of cards…
Love ends with the good values, memories and experiences you leave for others when you go – rather it’s a good advice, a smile, a hug or just been there…
This is also what starts love all over again…

-Amir Ben-Shmuel

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Hi Beautiful people and Hi Cavey!!!! How has your week been?

Hi Einsteinette. Can we talk about any other thing but work. Thank you

That bad huh? Okay, next week is Valentine’s day and its a Friday!!! What are you getting me??? *bats lashes*


Apparently my lashes didn’t work *shrugs* So chill who are you giving Val’s gift to?

No one

ahn ahn so you won’t show love to anyone, even me?

If only people actually knew what love actually is, the world’d be a better place. Less crime, more babies 😉 and most importantly, less demands for ‘Val’s gifts’

Lol. Cavey you’re not serious…you have a point though minus the Val’s gift part of course. You know vals day ain’t just about a man and a woman, hanging out, exchanging gifts and er… trying to make babies or trying not to make babies but performing the process…;)

Of course I have a point. A Nigga doesn’t need to buy, especially on the 14 of this month to prove that he loves his babe.

Vals day is for families, loveflow from the rich to the poor, privileged to the less privileged and all… I’m sure with all this diverse expressions there’ll be diverse meanings of love.

“Privileged to less privileged”… Hmmmm. Ladies, hear that? *chuckle* On a serious note though, what IS love?

Yes, what is love? -_-

Stop looking at me jor, I dunno what love is…oya You sef, what is love?

*shrug* Its not like I don’t know o…but I’m choosing not to tell you *evil grin*

Dear readers, please help her w- *dodges object thrown* oya help US with the meaning of ‘love’ in your own words. Click Here and just define what you feel love is or should be, no matter how weird. “pausing FIFA14 to pick ur call…dats love” was my brother’s definition. What’s urs?

PS feel free to mention us and define on twitter if you have short definitions Don’t forget to add #FebruaryProject

But we’ll love it if you express yourself in more than 140words. Tell us a story, write a letter, poem, article or whatever means suitable for you to express your definition of love comfortably and satisfactorily
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PPS I can’t speak for @Ms_Einsteinette but I am not saying no to a Val’s gift 😉

*throws heels at Cavey*
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With love (whatever it means),
Einsteinette & Cavey

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