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So the photographer said I should jump and I jumped and click, the took the picture and I liked the fact that I took all the care in the world and threw it to the wind, so ta da….


Ok, so days before my convocation I took ill and almost lost my life. I was forming James Bond and suppressing the illness until I landed in the hospital and was admitted for days. It was crazy but then I survived and successfully attended my graduation from Covenant University where I read (red) biochemistry. Much later I will let you in on what I graduated with. It will be in my success story, so stay tuned.

einsteinette convocatingeinsteinette-convocation


4 years was not easy… permit me to rephrase, 4 years was not beans, people told me how scary university was while I was in secondary school but I got in and realized it was not such a monstrous jungle but a world of experiences. The experiences make or mar you with your consent of course. Convocation was in 2 major phases, it lasted a whole week but the 2 main phases were the convocation day itself and the thanksgiving Sunday (touch of purple and white day). Lots of pictures were taken, unfortunately my memory card got damaged and I haven’t recovered from the loss. I still have a few pictures tho… That Sunday was the day we took pictures in the major, memorable points in school. The CU roundabout, the eagle, and many other places. I was really glad when I realized. I AM FINALLY AN EAGLE!!! (that’s what CU graduates are called).

Blessing Abeng and Ope Dokunmu  einsteinette convocation june Einsteinette convocation

I met a lot of awesome minds during and towards the end of my stay. One of the beautiful people I met is Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo, formerly Mr. Fadugba (The Registrar, Covenant University). He taught me one of my greatest lessons in CU and I will leave you with that. Effort is useless if result is not evident. Whatever you do, make the result count.