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February: The Surface Scratch

Hi!!! It’s a new edition of Meet Einsteinette. Click ” Meet Einsteinette” to view the January edition. Well this month, the love craze was on its high again and I think I escaped the love fever or maybe I almost did…well, I’d leave that to your imagination for now, you’ll confirm it later. What’s there to know about me this month?

blessing abeng

Well, I love the color RED but it is not my best color. I love the “oldies”. I hardly let go of old songs and musicians… I am still a die hard fan of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Etta James, Micheal Jackson, Micheal Bolton, Patti La Belle etc… you name them… I love oldies!!! Hey I listen to new songs too and break my bones to the Nigerian songs and all but the soul oldies have my heart.

einsteinette abeng

Forgive the reds tho…I just wanted to see how it’ll look when you go all red and stuff and damn its bloody but then I’d still let you in on the picture….


I like to see beyond the surface value of things and dig for depth… I always feel there is more… so… err… expect more :p and yeah MEET MY LOVERSee you at the end of March…

And… Ife Joseph a.k.a @MyName_is (twitter handle) drew this pretty picture of me, the original picture is the featured image…. It was so awesome and I thought I should share it. Have an awesome MARCH.

pencil drawn blessing abeng by ifejoseph

Photo Credits:

Temitayo Dynamixprime Photography

Ife Joseph– The Artist

Poland – The Make-Up Artist







Who is Einsteinette?

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its never too late to send new year greetings and we are still in January so I’m hoping you’ll forgive my late greeting. Its an awesome 2014 and i thought it will be awesome to grace my readers with full knowledge of the face and personality behind Einsteinette. So for the rest of the year, every month, there’ll be a new face unveiling a side of Einsteinette. Well, it will be my face throughout but you get to see what i like to do, who i am etc…

100 blind men were asked to describe an elephant by feeling a part of it. The part that was felt varied and there were 100 definitions of the same elephant. 1 said it was soft and  another said it was hard, others came up with different concepts ranging from short, long, huge, small etc. If they had eyes, they’ll have seen the whole elephant and described it perfectly. I am leaving the shadows and standing on the stage, unveiling the girl behind the curtains


January:  Who is Einsteinette?

Before you bite your tongue, the name is pronounced as Ein-styn-net. It means female Einstein as well as social geek. Einsteinette is a brand name that has become a personality. My birth name is Blessing Abeng.

abeng blessing blessingabeng blessing einsteinette abeng I celebrate my birthday every 16th of October and… that’s all for this month… at the end of February and every other month ahead I promise to tell you a lot more.


Photographer: Dynamix Prime

Make-Up: Poland

Shoes: Things Nigerians Love 

Contributors: Jola’s Pixel Photography and Komcepts Design Studio

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