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A friend of mine, Chuba was talking to me and he took a piece of plain A4 paper and he used a black pen to put a dot at the center of the paper. He asked me “What do you see on this paper?” and I said “A dot” and he said “I expected that answer, everyone I ask always sees the dot, they forget the remaining part of the plain paper that is still neat, they dwell on the dot and try to get rid of it and some people end up smudging the ink and ruining the paper more.

I gave the concept deep thought and I realized that a lot of us have the  attitude of figuring out only our weaknesses and most times we forget to credit ourselves for our strengths. It is so bad that when someone looks at you, you feel like they are judging you or making a terrible comment about you. You are beautiful, you are handsome. There is something  hanging in there that is specifically made for you, something that makes you different and you have to figure it out for yourself, and see it as a good thing. Don’t get too worked up about what is wrong with you, what is not perfect about you, what you don’t have rather think of what you have, what is different and how to make what you have better, how to improve it.


What people think doesn’t always matter because you can’t hear their thoughts and even when they say it, it’s their own opinion, at the end of the day, it is what you think about yourself that matters. You do not need anyone’s permission to be sad or happy, to feel good or bad,no one else matters except you. Think of the thing that people say and mock you with and find a strong word for yourself. For example, people say you are fat, obviously everyone cannot be skinny you are thick and beautiful. People say you are too tall, it only hurts them that they are not as tall, you are different. People say you are too short??? really??? You are petite. If they do not like it???who cares??? You love yourself the way you are and don’t change that for anyone.


Stare at the mirror and complement yourself. If everyone looked the same and acted the same, there would be no variety, there would be no uniqueness, the world would be totally boring. Make your choice and take control. Once you start feeling beautiful or handsome, others get to feel that you are.