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So Davina Oriakhi’sContent” has been on replay and for some reason I can connect with it and I feel everyone should be able to too (click on “content” and listen or download, it’ll give you a better picture and understanding of this post).

I saw it in 3 dimensions: Content, Content and Content. The first one is the English word content, a noun that represents substance. It represents the amount a material or person contains. In my opinion, that signifies depth. What you are made of, what defines you, what comes out of you when people take a sneak peek. The second one is also the English word content, an adjective that represents satisfaction. Knowing what you have and being satisfied with it. Knowing who you are and not finding artificial ways to be someone else. Knowing your skills and leveraging on it. Then the final one is the French word Content which means happy.

One word, different pronunciations but same spelling means 3 things that are not farfetched from each other. Who you are is not defined by how you look or what you have. It is defined by substance (what you are made of). You will never be truly satisfied until you come to terms with who you are (what you are made of). It is the satisfaction you derive from your person and principles/values that propels the chance of improving what you have. If you are playful, use it to your advantage. If you love talking use it to your advantage. You have to leverage on who you are and it’ll deliver wealth to your doorstep. Be informed! Don’t be empty. True happiness comes from substance and satisfaction.

Life may not be perfect and there’ll always be challenges but as she said it’s the “little things that count”. When you are faced with difficult times, it shouldn’t steal your happiness because the little priceless things you hold on to that are so precious that can never be taken away from you (substance) are what make you happy. Many things make me happy and provokes smiles especially memories. I think of my time at university, I think of challenges that look like mountains in the beginning but ends up as infinitesimal as a grain of sand, I remember listening to Gabriel Esu speak about a lot of things, Abraham Etimbuk and his depth, taking pictures of the picture taker himself (an amazing photographer) Chidi Ashimole (The Lexash), Uwem, always listening to the sensible and senseless words pour out of my mouth, Bobby, Bukky, Ope, Ufuoma, Ima, amazing coursemates, CU friends, I remember Reflections Dance Ministry and the amazing souls I met there, I remember amazing dancers like Bilal, Davina, La Vic, Amune etc. I remember my public speaking experience with Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo and amazing souls like Ebisan Atsemudiara and Micheal Inyang. I remember my family and my friends and most importantly who I am. The lady that loves tough challenges and would fight them to the end and I smile.

I guess you have fond memories too and you can share them by tweeting them and adding the hashtag #3Content. And place a comment here too, so others can see.

Stay Happy.*playing Pharell William’s happy in my head”




I was going to post something special this week but then I realized Davina Oriakhi already did justice to the topic I had in mind and I thought you should read it.


Hey Guys!

I hope everyone is alright!

Yes I know I make disappearing acts quite often, with my pitiful inconsistency in blogging. I apologise, but you do know, that when I do come back to my blog, I always have something very important to share.

So recently, I started my masters degree in Media and Communications, and at an early stage I started brainstorming for my dissertation.

Initially, I wanted to do something on Afro beat music, Fela Kuti and his relationship with Nigerian Politics, but one of my professors pointed out that I may not have enough resources to complete the project. So we got talking on Celebrities; Celebrities in Politics, Celebrity Diplomacy, the Power of the Celebrity. We got talking to about Madonna and her ‘sex symbol’ status at a time, which led to our discussion about Nicki Minaj and her ‘Anaconda’ video.

He began to ask me thought provoking questions:

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Hope you enjoyed the post.



Diva Davina


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Davina!!!!!!

I wish you a great and a happy birthday…I wish you every good thing you wish yourself. I wish you the best of life. Practically you have spent 19 years on earth and you have affected the world in diverse ways through your singing, dancing and your listening spirit. You are welcoming, reserved and you are a very unique and rare gem. You are a special person and I hope you never change for anything or anyone. I am damn right sure that your parents are proud of you right now and I am even more convinced they haven’t seen nothing. You have put smiles on my face and i am sure you have done the same for other friends and your family. I pray that God showers unimaginable blessings and favors on you. You’d excel in unimaginable ways. I wish you long life and prosperity. I must sha eat cake. You can’t blame a cake freak like me.*covers face*


Keep being you. Keep being Davina Oriakhi and  Blessing Abeng, Einsteinette, Reflections, Omega, DRS, EWDA, and Urbanfoot….oh yeah and all your #CUfriends  LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU A GREAT BIRTHDAY.




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