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A Tiny Detail We May Have Missed

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Yesterday I sat at a seminar and the guest speaker shared a story and I felt a new light of understanding appear to illuminate many dark areas of life. Many of us have probably heard the story of David and Goliath but I’m sure none of us ever thought about it in the way I’m about to re-tell. I’ll re-tell this story and draw your attention to one tiny important detail most of us missed.


so that beautiful day, 1 man used his size to oppress hundreds of trained soldiers, if not more. He roared threats and bragged  frightening the young experienced fighters by just words. I think I should start from scratch (it will be a summary) for those that are not familiar with the story.


A country was faced with war. They had able bodied fighters that had won wars and helped in taking over nations. They were one of the strongest armies at that time but their current opponent came with a giant to challenge them. This GIANT instilled fear in the famous world recognized fighters. They were consumed by fear and hid in the shadows and the fear drained every fiber of strength that they had. They couldn’t confront the enemy for different reasons known to them. (Did I mention that the king was hiding too? well he was and he couldn’t lead his people to defeat this guy. At least if 20 of the soldiers took on this giant at once and defeated him, I’m sure their opponent will be demoralized and they’ll have won but they didn’t. Their bodies and brains froze by the sight and sound of this giant). One young boy was sent by his father to give food to his elder brothers at the battlefield or maybe we should call it the chilling field because they were waiting for days for someone to volunteer to take on the giant. He was irritated by the noise and the fear of the people and volunteered to fight the giant (notice how i said young boy not man).

His courage took him to the king and the king tried putting on armors for this young boy. The metal armors  were too heavy for the young boy. He remembered things he had done in the past( like kill a bear and a lion to save his sheep) and this helped him summon more courage to face the giant plus I’m sure he also felt empty barrels made the loudest noise (The giant may have been physically sound but he was mentally disabled else he’d have spent more time thinking not talking and bragging). The young boy asked to be stripped of the armor and face the giant with nothing but his normal clothes and stones (stones!!!!! who does that). The boy designed a strategy and determined he would give the giant what he least expected. The giant expected a close range hand to hand battle (arm wrestle) but David decided to attack from a distance. The giant bragged and threatened this young boy but he did not budge. He replied him with so much confidence that stunned the giant and the on-lookers. There was no fight recorded, The boy threw a stone that hit the giant on a strategic point on his head and the well suited up giant died without laying a finger on the young boy.

Never let fear rob you of the chance to move on to better heights. When consumed by fear, think more about the resultant effect if you don’t take an action or bold step and not what may happen if you take the step. Don’t be self centered. Courage is not the inverse of fear but response to fear. Never rush blindly to attack life challenges. Look for the loop holes/ Achilles’s heel of your challenges. Don’t let the irresponsibility of others stop you from taking responsibility. Never let anyone compel you to do something not in line with your strategy to achieve success. Don’t let anyone talk you down.

Don’t let the physical appearance of a thing way you down, you possess an inner strength far stronger than that thing/ challenge. If you have other contributions feel free to drop it in the comment box and educate us :). Have a fab week.




Hi beautiful people, its another weekend. Thank God its friday. We will continue our discussion on helpful tips to improve relationships. If you missed the first part click THE FOUNDATION OF ANY RELATIONSHIP

To harness the be best out of any relationship and to build solid relationships with our family, friends, lovers etc. you have to build yourself first.

  • Be consistent. Some weaknesses are born out of bad habits. Letting go of bad habits take consistency and strong will. No habit is innate (inborn). Every habit was picked up in one way or the other. We are all responsible for our habits whether good or bad. Constant repetition births a habit. Bad habits are easy to develop but difficult to live with. Practice good habits. We do not need miracles we need better habits.
  • Write down your dreams and Goals. This gives you a sense of direction and inspires you. It gives you a reason for constant communion with self. If you do not know where you are going, you will be unable to get there.
  • Define yourself and standards. Know what you should and shouldn’t do. Where to be found and where not to be found, the kind of friends to keep etc. if you lack standards (S.I units), no one will place a value on you or identify your placement. You’ll be just another floating number. A very random one.
  • Understand your personality and let it shine through. Your personality is a distinguishing factor that is unique to you alone.
  • Be confident in yourself. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Trust strengthens marriages, friendships, etc. and will definitely strengthen self love.
  • Never let people define or discourage you. No matter what you do people will always criticize. Accept good criticism and discard the chaff. Live for yourself and not for people. Life is too short to waste trying to please people. See gossips as jobless but necessary publicist with the duty of increasing the world’s knowledge of you.
  • Have positive dialogue with yourself. Think positive thoughts. You are who you think you are. Counter and dispel negative thinking. You will never rise above the image you have of yourself.
  • Don’t let your pasts or mistakes define you. Learn from your mistakes and past experiences, don’t wallow in self pity or hide in its shadow. Your mistakes should strengthen your innovative capacity. Think up new ways of doing things.  Your pasts should motivate and challenge you. Be better so you can save people the stress of making the same mistakes you’ve made. Inspire someone to be a success with your success with your success story.
  • Speak to your hearing. When you speak, hear and believe something, you unconsciously walk and work towards it. The more you hear and say a thing, the easier it is to believe and embody it. Speak words to strengthen yourself.
  • Eliminate atelophobia. Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection or  an extreme fear of failing to achieve perfection. ELIMINATE IT!!!
  • Complement yourself and acknowledge yourself when you do something good.
  • Take yourself out on a treat.


Practice the following and watch the quality of your relationships elevate. Have an awesome weekend.

Photo credits: David Adelakun (Taiwo Adelakun Photography)

Model: Ojiyovbi Ebasa