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The speaking feet project…GREASE : THE NAIJA MIX

You think you’ve heard and seen it all, well, you are about to be swept off your feet with something much more than you’ve ever imagined!!!


The Speaking feet project is a dance theatre project aimed at providing jobs for young talented dance /theatre performers by providing entertainment avenues for show casing their talent.
The project is an initiative of The Krump Dance Studios Abuja, a recognized and registered dance studio which specializes in dance fitness, dance training and dance theatre and entertainment.

The Maiden production of The Speaking Feet Project is Grease: The Naija Mix, the first full length dance theatre production in Abuja. Based on the 1970’s classic Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, the production aims to recreate fond memories re-telling the story but set in Nigeria in the 70’s. With a blend of original scores, grease favorites and fresh choreography, Grease: The Naija Mix promises to be a must watch for the month of August.
The production aims to entertain and expose the Nigerian audience to various forms of performing arts outside mainstream entertainment. It also intends to create platform for dancers pursuing a professional career in the competitive yet limited entertainment market. Most importantly though, we aim to produce exportable art and create an international brand made up young Nigerian talent.

Date: 24th of August, 2013

Proposed Venue: NUC Viewing Hall, 26, Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama Abuja

Tickets: 2500 (regular), 5,000 (VIP)

Grease Tees: 3,500

Follow us on
Twitter: @krumpstudios. Or @isysdrain
Official hash tag – (#Grease:The Naija Mix)
Facebook: facebook/the krump dance studios

For Enquiries call:
07035686227, 08064388746
Tickets are already available!!! Get yours now!!!
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Hearing the story from a friend will never be enough, so… BE THERE!!!

My Sempiternal Muse

I stood clueless

I didn’t know what to do as the music played

I felt stupid as the music played. I was embarrassed

I was alone but I felt eyes watching me

The pain drained me in ways I couldn’t explain

I closed my eyes and tried to hold the tears from coming

I wanted to express myself with my whole body not just my eyes

Was that too much to ask?

I wallowed in my pain and feeling of defeat

Suddenly, I felt someone take my right hand

He pulled me into his arms and whispered

I’m here now and I’d be here for you always

Just let me be the one you’d express yourself through

I didn’t know who spoke but he gave me so much assurance

I trusted him

His voice was subtle and convincing

I felt him direct me

He melted into me

He interpreted every rhythm and word

He controlled me

I let him do what he wanted

The way he wanted it

My body swayed and obeyed him

My body popped when it needed to

It moved sometimes like I had no bone in it

It moved swiftly sometimes

And slow at other times

I reached heights I had never reached

He took charge

I couldn’t hold back the smiles

I felt stronger and in control

Never thought I could express myself like this

Even when I was tired, I felt joy and satisfaction

He was the best thing that ever happened to me

The feeling was the most beautiful thing ever

I decided never to let go of it ever

To me dance is more than an act but a personality.



The Universal Expression

That moment
The moment when it’s just you in your own world
A beat plays and you feel a tingling sensation within
Nothing else matters
You really do not care if anyone is watching
The music bonds with your body
The lyrics bond with the heart
The body and brain join forces
They make beautiful steps in tune with the rhythm
The joy you feel is unexplainable
Sometimes we laugh because of this joy
Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the joy and we cry
Somehow people watching understand
They understand the emotions behind the movements
It feels beautiful
It is the only way a Spanish person can communicate to a Chinese without speaking
It is a universal language
It’s all I want to do when I’m sad
Happy, Angry, Celebrating, Hyper
Countless emotions are expressed by it
It is a universal expression from the heart
what more can i say to describe the beauty of dancing…