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On Tuesday (18th of February, 2015), I was supposed to travel to Abuja for health reasons. I decided to be an early bird and book on Sunday online and for some weird reason, I booked first nation instead of my favorite selection, Dana Air (I think they have one of the best services, hot pilots and hostesses #okbye). Everyone who knows me well knows that I love new experiences, just for the fun of it. So, I said, it won’t be bad to try First Nation. I booked online on Sunday for, Tuesday 6:20am. READ MORE


Hello there, Hope you are having a great weekend. I am… I’m busy being my mother’s handbag and visiting relatives. It’s not so much fun o! All this people just keep on with the “you have grown o…Blessing of yesterday”. It can be exhausting. O’ well back to the matter hand, my last article got me thinking, about the big subject RISKS! Just thought I should re-emphasize it.

If you are scared of daring the impossible then you are not ready to do the unbelievable
Everyone is trying too hard to be safe. Everyone tries to go for a safer option. Truth be told, everything in LIFE is a RISK, the only safe and sure thing is DEATH.What do I mean? We hear things like you stand a 36% chance of cancer or 50 in 1000 die in heart transplants, we forget that 100 in 100 must die, whether old, young, pretty,rich, etc we all will die. Everyone spends days of their life trying to postpone their death and elongate their lives and we all expect that playing safe is the key. People find jobs and pour their money into pension, all kinds of insurance are available today etc. Being safe is good but your ability to take risks is what makes you awesome and brings about drastic change in your life.

After the Dana Air crash, people in Nigeria have been scared of using Dana and some are afraid to fly. I check the stats and realize that you are more likely to die driving on the road, than in a plane crash. How often do you hear of plane crashes? But how often do you hear and see road accidents? We spend too much time thinking and dwelling on the 1 in 100 crashes and forget about the 99successful flights. Dana is presently the safest flight in my opinion because they were suspended and everything was put in place before they were called back. Plus they know if they crash 1 more time, their existence may remain unnoticed, they might even stop operating because people will tag them unsafe. I am simply saying that you can’t avoid the risks. Everyday you wake up, you have thousands of risks facing you. If you want to follow stats you might not get out of bed and it is a risk staying in bed and doing nothing.

The quality of life is important, don’t be scared to make big decisions, weigh the stats and be optimistic if 60 in 100 small business fail, you can be part of the 40 that succeed. To live is the rarest thing, most people just exist. Fortune favors the brave. The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die anytime. All great inventors are great because of the wise Risks they’ve taken. Don’t be foolish, you know what is wrong. Any risks that has no profit or profits evil does not pay. Do not read this and apply to negativity. This is a wake up call for people who have goals, ambitions and heart. Achieve what looks seemingly impossible. I DARE YOU!

Death is not the biggest fear we have, our biggest fear is taking the risks to be alive and express what we really are. Your quality of life is based on your choice. Don’t forget, safe is BORING, think outside the box now!!!
If you are scared of daring the impossible then you are not ready to do the unbelievable.


*clears throat*That’s all.