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I have this strong urge to express what has been racing through my mind.
Over this holiday, we’ve lost a number of people and death keeps taking away people we love. Cleopatra (a girl I have never met but all the pictures of her that I have seen are beautiful and “wow”) just passed on. Apparently she related with people and touched the lives of many. Others have died too and it got me thinking,
If I die now what would be said about me?
What legacy have I left on earth?
How easily would I be forgotten and most importantly when I am judged where will I find myself?
Life is priceless. Make everyday count. Live every second like it is your last. Show love from your heart, avoid grudges, you can’t die with that unnecessary burden. Make your life count. Your youth is the best time to do all these. Please do not waste your life.
Take out one minute to reflect, think about your life and how you can improve, tell those you love how much you love them, forgive those that have wronged you Let go of all the grudges, hand all your burdens to God. With him your life is everlasting.

Life doesn’t end in death, only if you let it.
My heart bleeds for you cleo. #much love and R.I.P.
VALUE LIFE and make it count.