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I was in the car, moving gently and trying to navigate through the “go-slow” because of the road/ bridge under construction as a result of the new railway channel construction in Abuja. As you may have already figured I was not the driver but we all know that people that sit in front with the driver like to feel like they can do it better. I was taking quick mental pictures of the books and DVDs that the hawkers were intentionally placing by the window like it was scanning for money to magnet. A part of me was feeling bad for the guys that had just lost their intellectual property to some heartless person out there trying to make money for himself.

My friend’s dp

I was still lost in my thoughts when I saw a guy in white lab coat carrying something. It was big and it had sparse distribution of strands of hair on it like human hair. It was the size of… ok no… let me focus on the circumference. It had the circumference of a keke’s tire (I’m assuming you know that a keke is a tricycle). I was squinting and trying so hard to make sense out of what I was seeing. When I took a closer look I realized it was the head of a baby. His body was small. It was the size of a normal baby but his head was 3 times the size of his body. I was taken aback for a minute (Thank God I was not the one driving). I squinted to observe why the guy was carrying a child at the center of the road and I realized that rather than find an organization for the less privileged or media willing to support a cause or maybe a hospital willing to help, they disguised themselves as a kind of fund sourcing foundation without any legal documents or proof. They were using a child who probably has a malignant tumor to beg for money from car to car, subjecting the child to pollution. The smoke, the noise, etc.

I was angered for a while and I felt that rather than use this child as an object of professional extortion, simply put begging, the child should have been forwarded via the right channel or via the press to solicit support or some authentic channel as opposed to bringing him to the road. I finally got over it until recently in Imo, I saw something similar and I felt I should share this concern. It may be termed as help but the danger that these children are exposed to, not just them, the onlookers, the risks. What if someone can’t stand the sight and causes a fatal accident? If there are solutions please share and tell us your take on the matter.