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I am very excited today because it is my birthday and so far it has been wonderful even if I did not sleep all night. I kept getting calls and I felt really loved. I realized that a lot of us crave success in different ramification for the sake of ourselves, family and the perception people will have for us. Individuals that crave success for the purpose of giving back are really few. I realized that, it is a life principle, if you give, you’d get. I read a couple of articles about Bill Gates and his giving habits. He gives a large chunk of his wealth very often to charity and somehow he has remained in the top 3 position on Forbes list of richest men in the world in the last 15 years. READ MORE


On Tuesday (18th of February, 2015), I was supposed to travel to Abuja for health reasons. I decided to be an early bird and book on Sunday online and for some weird reason, I booked first nation instead of my favorite selection, Dana Air (I think they have one of the best services, hot pilots and hostesses #okbye). Everyone who knows me well knows that I love new experiences, just for the fun of it. So, I said, it won’t be bad to try First Nation. I booked online on Sunday for, Tuesday 6:20am. READ MORE


I saw this article recently, even if it is 1 year old already, its words are still very relevant and I urge all business owners and brand managers to read this and take it seriously.

In an increasingly cluttered and claustrophobic marketing world, the importance of a distinct and engaging brand is not just important, but essential. But what exactly is a brand? It’s not a logo, a color scheme, a single ad, or even a complete campaign. In fact, defining and more importantly, assessing, a brand has eluded marketers and advertisers for years. But recently, researchers have attempted just that.



You may want to catch up on Steps to Wealth 1 before proceeding to read this. In the last post we shared very insightful tips.

In other to be an effective expert at controlling money you must try the following

  • Plan your needs and prioritize your wants. This way you satisfy your needs first and with time you might discover that some of the things you want are not so necessary. The essence of prioritizing is to bring to light the important wants and the unnecessary spontaneous cravings. Distribute your wants into A,B,C and D. A contains very important and profitable wants, discard most of the contents in D. when categorizing ask yourself what would I gain buying this? Do I need this? Is it necessary? What implication would it have? … Ponder and be true to yourself.
  • Shop for value not quantity. Most people are deceived by the quantity and ignore the quality. The thing is you end up spending more because those of quantity spoils or fades quickly and you have to buy again to replace it. Go for quality.
  • Ask for a discount once in a while in shops you know do not have a fixed price for things.
  • Budget: Discipline yourself to avoid spontaneous spending and never spend out of your budget
  • Examine our receipts and store them. Use them to balance your weekly or daily account. Store then in a shoe box or folder or file etc.
  • Balance your accounts. Evaluate how much you spent and make sure it correlates with your budget.

5.Save:  Saving is like building a foundation for wealth it doesn’t bring the wealth itself. To be wealthy and comfortable you have to save before you start investing in something  that makes money work for you and brings in a constant flow  of money to  replace what is spent aside your salary make your mind to save a particular percentage daily,  weekly, monthly. Pay the money directly to an account that you do not have an ATM card or withdrawal slip for. Keep it where you know you can’t touch it easily.


6. INVEST and START A BUSINESS: Saving helps you raise capital without borrowing or a loan but sometimes you might need to do something large scale. With your birthed idea you can find sponsors who would be willing to invest in it as partners and get a percentage of the profit but if you are doing something small scale you can use your savings to start your small business. Investing brings in a constant in flow of cash. To keep buying everyday and live comfortably, we need a constant source of money because salaries keep you at a mediocre level. Live above the mediocre (average) mentality and get wealth legitimately by investing in a business, someone’s idea, your idea, mutual funds, shares etc. the rules of investing are:

  • Study and get information on what you are about to invest in. Know the stakes, risks involved etc. find out all about it. In-depth knowledge is required.
  • If you want to get a motobike you could look for a Lender for Motorbikes specifically.

  • The longer you invest (leave your money in the money market) the lower the risks (stock market) e.g. 5years and above. Do not use the stock market as a gambling ground. Do not play the market.
  • Gambling is not investment. It is the easiest way to lose.

The keys to starting a business are:

  • Get on purpose: Do what you love. Your business should be in line with something you are interested in. Ask yourself “what do I like to do?” “What am I good at” “what interests me?”Etc. answer yourself.
  • Choose a business in relation to your life style.
  • If you have an idea, ask questions but do not let out your idea except you are ready to do business with the person you are involving or telling.
  • Gather information about it and find out the lapses in people that are already in the business if it is not a totally new concept.
  • Make a detailed business plan.
  • Become the best at what you do by making your business unique or add something that would make me attracted to your product and not the others. Try and correct the mistakes made by others in your own product.
  • Even if uniqueness sky-rockets you to the top do not be scared to legitimately copy and learn from others but make yours better and preferred.
  • Be slow to hire and fast to fire. Make sure your employees are what you want. Do not compromise.
  • Packaging is extremely important. Your advert and marketing is important. Packaging attracts the consumer and content keeps the consumer.
  • Take a step at a time. Do not rush in to deals, nothing good comes easy.

7. Protect your Assets: how???? Simple

  • Avoid conspicuous consumption
  • Avoid putting assets in your name
  • Never co-sign a loan for anyone
  • Carry adequate liability insurance
  • Avoid all “recourse” debt
  • Operate business from a cooperate entity
  • Never go into a business without a detailed business  plan
  • Never go into a partnership without a “fool proof” exit/escape plan
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket
  • Prepare for the worst but be optimistic

8. Be A Giver: it is important to be a giver because it opens doors for blessings. What goes around comes back around. The people you help on the way to the top may be there for you if you ever fall to lift you up or when in need.

9. Read: Read about those that have made it and are now wealthy or died wealthy. Learn from their mistakes and get tips from their stories. People like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.