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FEBRUARY PROJECT: Love In @Mai_Rean ‘s Words

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The mission is to see Love through your eyes and different articles, letters, notes etcetera would be posted daily to see love via diverse lenses. Express yourself via letters, notes, experiences… Tell us how you view love

View Different Thoughts on Love

Let’s see Naomi’s (Mai_Rean’s) View of Love

I miss him… alot.
This season, maybe because it is almost the 14th. The only gift I want that day is to see him, hold him, kiss him and…
I love him…. beyond measure.
Some things cannot be measured and love is one of them. I do believe that there is no such thing as true love, or sacrificial love. If it is love, it will always be true. If it is love, it will always involve sacrifices that you would see as nothing.
There are many trades that you’ll make, you’ll wonder where the returns have gone but that’s what makes it love.
Listening to a soundtrack from Twilight. “Goodnight my angel by Robert Pattinson”
It is just an instrumental. An organ…. I love it. It says so much. It has no lyrics, no words whatsoever but it says so much.
I have never wanted someone so desperately.
I do admit that sometimes, he does find his way in my inappropriate thoughts but I also admit that God helps me overcome the lust. I crave to hold him and pet him. To just have him rest in my arms and tell me all his worries knowing that I’d be right there for him. I don’t want him to think I want his money, I just want him to appreciate that his heart means much more than that to me.
I don’t think he understands….
Have you ever wanted so desperately to be there for someone, to kiss their tears, to hold them close and wake up to see them? Have you ever wanted to love them so much you gave them your heart, the one organ that controls your body and life and you walked away, trusting they wouldn’t break it?
I cry for him…
I might just be the best thing he had, starring right in his face and he would walk past me because he wasn’t paying attention. He was probably distracted by one light skinned girl (no offense to the light skinned) standing in the distance and I was probably not wearing any make up so rather than see me as a diamond in the rough or unpurified gold, he chose to see me as a pile of dirt.
He loves I know….
He is listening to too many voices at the same times. His heart says hold her close but the friends, the family and society as well as their expectations of what I should be are making it didfficult for him to choose me.
How do I know I love him and it is not just an infatuation?
I lose my breath around me, I forget my scripted conversation.
I don’t expect him to change
His money doesn’t matter
I can spend even my last dime on him irrespective of the fact that society expects that he be the one to spend on me.
Well he calls  me I listen. When he messes up, I scold him.
When he needs me, I am there.
When we fight, it’s decent.
I can tell him anything.
He knows that it’s between us and not our friends.
How do I know he isn’t playing with me?
First of, he better not be….. LOL
I see it in his eyes that he loves me
He tells me the deepest of his secrets
He has never lied to me (For the record, a lie is the fastest way to fall out with me)
I feel it when he holds me.
I just know in my heart that it’s true.
I don’t need him to buy me a car or an extravagant gift on the 14th of February to prove that he loves me. A simple dinner for two under the moonlight is more than enough.
All the material things can burn and be consumed but love can burn but never be consumed.
Who cares about the other girls relationship, the boy got her a house, that’s probably consolation for cheating every other day.
Ladies, be content with what you’ve got.
When he says he loves you, dare to believe him but when he asks for what you can’t give, deny him.
If he tries to buy you with all the money just so he can use you, tell him you are not for sale…
Dedicated to Sam!

Naomi Ugor

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My sweet baby,
As this pen touches this paper, smiles takeover my face and heart. Overwhelming joy and warmth fills me. God chose me to be the shelter for you for nine months and I’m glad that he finally sent my own angel to me to cool me off in the midst of the fire of earth. My love, you are a blessing and I treasure you. You saved me from shape and restored my dark clouds. I’m sure you’re confused. Ids explain:
Your father and I were so in love. They say all men are the same but he was a unique breed, different from anyone I have ever met. If there was a word that could separate him from the human race, I think “Angel” would suit him perfectly. He had a big heart. We got married and lived happily until dark clouds rested on our roof. His family harassed me constantly because I couldn’t bear a child for their son. They never really accepted me into the family because I was poor. My mother died while giving birth to me. When I was 16 my father died of cancer because we didn’t have sufficient money for the hospital bills. My uncle took care of me till I met your father. He became everything to me in spite of his family’s opinion about me. He never loved me less, he didn’t cheat and he never left my side. He dried my tears and encouraged me. In the midst of our trips to the hospital to find a solution to my bareness, the doctor discovered I had an ovarian cancer. We decided to take the risk of operation.
It’s been 10years since I got married. The operation took place 8years ago and just when I was about giving up, you came my way. I am so happy that you are here with me now. I know everyday you’ll wonder where your father is, he died two months after we received the good news that I was finally pregnant in a car crash. Too bad he won’t witness your birth but I’m sure he’ll always look out for you from wherever he is.
Don’t be sad my child, you have me. I’d never leave your side. Anytime you need me I’d be there. I’d be your mother, father, sister, brother, playmate, best friend and anything you want if only you let me. I won’t let you slip into the wrong path because I care too much to lose you to the evil claws of “pampering”. I love you. Words are not enough to communicate how I feel about your presence in my life. Life has dealt with me but it handed me a precious gift to wipe away my sorrows, YOU. Remember never to give up on life. Don’t Quit! You are the ruler of your world and what becomes of it is determined by what you create in it. Never let challenges weigh you down. Depend totally on God because even when everyone leaves and everything fails, he’ll be there. Control your mind and you’ll be able to control your world. Never let people determine your path for you. Follow your passion. You are a brave child and you’ll succeed in all you do. I will always be here to support you whenever you need me, until God feels it’s time for me to go. I love you.
Yours forever,
Your Mum (would be any other thing for you).



VALUE Orientation

Ali owned three very large farms. He was a rich and contented man. He had three kids, two sons and a daughter. His wife died giving birth to their daughter. He loved his kids and provided as much as he could for them. All his farmlands produced bountiful yields except one. That particular farm never yielded anything not even a leaf. It was behind his house and the biggest farmland he had. It amazed him because it was close to a stream.

One day he sat outside his house enjoying the fresh air, trying to decide what to do with his barren and infertile land, when his friend, an ancient Buddhist priest, one of the wise men of the east walked into the compound to see him. Ali welcomed him and they talked about lots of things over wine. The wise man told the old farmer a story of how this world was once a mere bank of fog, and the almighty thrust His finger around, increasing the speed until at last He whirled this bank of fog into a solid ball of fire. It went rolling through the universe, burning its way through other banks of fog, and condensed the moisture without, until it fell in floods of rain upon its hot surface, and cooled the outward crust. Then the internal fires bursting outward through the crust threw up the mountains and hills, the valleys, the plains and prairies of this wonderful world of ours. If this internal molten mass came bursting outward and cooled very quickly it became granite, less quickly copper, less quickly silver, less quickly gold, and after gold, diamonds were made.

The old priest told him that ‘A diamond is a congealed drop of sunlight.’ Now they say that is literally true, that a diamond is an actual deposit of carbon from the sun. The old priest told Ali that if he had one diamond the size of this thumb he could purchase the county, and if he had a mine of diamonds he could place his children thrones through the influence of their great wealth.

Ali heard all about diamonds, how much they worth and went to bed that night discontented with his current state and thirsty for diamonds. He said, ‘I want a mine of diamonds,’ and he… (To be Continued)


In Rome, DO NOT Behave Like A Roman

You are probably familiar with this proverb “when in Rome, behave like a Roman” you may have told someone at some point.
In my opinion, this proverb is not always right and it can encourage pretense. If I’m in Rome and I am Nigerian, How would I represent? How will people know my real nationality? How will my good works be tied to my country?
My point is, the proverb kinda makes you average. You become the round peg in the round hole. You get lost in the crowd because everyone is doing the same thing, that is,  Behaving like a Roman
Let your uniqueness out, let it show. That uniqueness is practically what people will notice and admire or criticize but in the end you are recognized and identified as a person with a difference. It’s your uniqueness that can get you that Job,Visa,Admission etc.
I know a guy who went seeking for a job. He didn’t pretend and try to impress the panel interviewing him. He kept his personality intact and was honest through it all and the chairman commented “Every other person that has walked into the office, told us what they assumed we would want to hear but you young man told us what we didn’t expect to hear. Resume on Monday. You’ve got the job and you deserve it”
Define yourself. Be identified for who you are. Represent something. Don’t flow with the wind to Impress. In the End, when in Rome, NEVER behave like a Roman. Be Yourself


Be A Step Ahead And Get That Job

Everyone in Nigeria seems to be complaining about the “availability of jobs” situation in Nigeria. They unintentionally scare the undergraduate and the school leavers keep blaming the government. Do you know in the midst of unemployment rate in Nigeria, you could get a job? Yes you can! It is simple

First, your mindset has to believe that you can get the job and you deserve it. You have to convince yourself that the unemployment situation cannot affect you. You are above it. Positive thinking works in reality. When you can trick your mind to believe a thing, it manifests in reality because you unconsciously work towards it.

Be different: you don’t expect to do things the way every other person is doing it and expect a different result. You’ll be rejected like every other person if you do what every other person is doing. Have a unique characteristic that you know no one else or very few people will have. It is this characteristics that set you apart. Always let your personality shine through.

Develop Yourself: make effort to constantly develop yourself. Every day let there be an advancement in your life. The world is constantly evolving you have to develop with it. Someone with typewriting knowledge is hardly sort for compared to someone who has computer knowledge.

Be confident: know what you have. Don’t go for that interview begging. You have something to offer and you’ll be paid for it, let the confidence be seen. Don’t be proud in an attempt to show confidence.

The God Factor: No matter what you believe in always remember that you can’t do it by your strength only. Pray and ask God to go with you. If you don’t get that job then God has a better plan for you
Try these and see what happens next.