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I am very excited today because it is my birthday and so far it has been wonderful even if I did not sleep all night. I kept getting calls and I felt really loved. I realized that a lot of us crave success in different ramification for the sake of ourselves, family and the perception people will have for us. Individuals that crave success for the purpose of giving back are really few. I realized that, it is a life principle, if you give, you’d get. I read a couple of articles about Bill Gates and his giving habits. He gives a large chunk of his wealth very often to charity and somehow he has remained in the top 3 position on Forbes list of richest men in the world in the last 15 years. READ MORE

Master Of The Arts (MOTA)

On a day like this (June 9th) a boy named Kazeem was born. No one knew his destiny but as he grew he discovered it and was determined to help people with it.

Famous graphic designer, Master Of The Arts, MOTA for short, has done a couple of graphic designs for many of our well known artist like Ruggedman, Zinny and many others and has also worked with producers like TY Mix and many others. He has also designed for big brands like MTN, Bank PHB, Etisalat and many others. I won’t blow his trumpet too much. I’d just let his works speak for him, visit  and be inspired by his quotes that he spices up with pictures and graphics.

I won’t let out all the juicy details. I’d leave you to take in this little info for now.

Today is his birthday and I’m using this medium on behalf of all his friends, Me, Trisha, Spotlyt,Babeeboi, Bilal etc. to wish him a happy birthday, long life and prosperity and success in his handwork. We love you and we pray for you to do more exploits and keep shocking and inspiring us. To join the rest of us in wishing him a happy birthday mention him on twitter : @kayzee_Mota or drop wishes here.





Diva Davina


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Davina!!!!!!

I wish you a great and a happy birthday…I wish you every good thing you wish yourself. I wish you the best of life. Practically you have spent 19 years on earth and you have affected the world in diverse ways through your singing, dancing and your listening spirit. You are welcoming, reserved and you are a very unique and rare gem. You are a special person and I hope you never change for anything or anyone. I am damn right sure that your parents are proud of you right now and I am even more convinced they haven’t seen nothing. You have put smiles on my face and i am sure you have done the same for other friends and your family. I pray that God showers unimaginable blessings and favors on you. You’d excel in unimaginable ways. I wish you long life and prosperity. I must sha eat cake. You can’t blame a cake freak like me.*covers face*


Keep being you. Keep being Davina Oriakhi and  Blessing Abeng, Einsteinette, Reflections, Omega, DRS, EWDA, and Urbanfoot….oh yeah and all your #CUfriends  LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU A GREAT BIRTHDAY.




comment to wish her a happy birthday.