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In light of the subject of love dancing around the world in memory of St. Valentine, I’d want to share this post. It will give you a different perspective of love I assure you and i think you need to see this.

And nothing else moved. We ran and called the doctor.  He ran in with his team and checked him. The doctor announced that he was not dead. I breathed a sigh of relief, in my mind nothing could be worse than death. I heard the doctor say “But…” but what??? I wondered… Read More 



Love Autopsy 4

Greetings lovely one, we are gradually coming to an end. If you have not been following click Love Autopsy Love autopsy 2 and Love Autopsy 3. I know it is a lengthy read, I appreciate your patience and we both know it’s worth it. Thanks for following through to the last. I hope you learn something. Enjoy and share 😀


…And nothing else moved. We ran and called the doctor.  He ran in with his team and checked him. The doctor announced that he was not dead. I breathed a sigh of relief, in my mind nothing could be worse than death. I heard the doctor say “But…” but what??? I wondered

“He is brain dead.” he concluded.

I froze. The doctors explained that his organs were still viable but his brain could not function so nothing could work again for him.

She cried and she signed a consent form for his organs to be donated to people who needed them and use it for research in schools.

I didn’t understand why she signed it. It was like signing an agreement not to have a body to bury or face to look at before the baby is buried. He wasn’t even my son and I still felt terrible. How can she be so heartless?

I guess she knew what I was thinking and she handed the book “LIFE AFTER LIFE” to me. He wrote everything there with his hand page by page. The last page explained it all to me.

Dear God,

Please If I am going to die in any surgery or situation please don’t kill me. I heard people can give their organs to people so they can live. I know these organs come from people and I want to be that person. Instead of me to die completely make me half dead. If I am buried I would go back to dust, useless. Even if it is the only mark I can live on earth. I do not want to die without helping anyone. Please God, that way I’d die and my spirit will still be with you but I’d help other people live.

Forgive daddy for leaving mummy and I. I’m sure he didn’t have a choice and maybe if he was still here, mummy and I won’t be so close. Help him find happiness with his new wife. God, bless everyone that has signed this book. When I die I’d bring this book to you. So you’ll never forget to bless them and may no harm come to them. Bless my mummy comfort her If I go too early, may she be safe till she’s old enough to meet me in heaven. Thank you for answering these requests.

See you soon.


If a young boy could do this and show love to people he had never met and might never meet, why shouldn’t I love and care too? Why must I sacrifice only for selected people in my life? Why should I sacrifice and expect something in return? He had the name of everyone in the neighborhood and they signed that book. He forgave his dad that left him and his mum to marry someone else. I was moved. He just loved wholeheartedly notwithstanding the evil anyone had done or who they were . That day I learned, Love is more than picking and selecting a person you asked out, or someone you said yes to, fiancee, fiance, someone you are married to or (a) member(s) of your family to love. Till you can go beyond this, you have no idea what love is. In fact you have not experienced the least of love if you can’t go beyond yourself and selected people in your life. Sacrifice without expectations. He died that day after all his organs were harvested but he lived a life of impact and he changed my life.

Love freely, Love truly.




Love Autopsy 3

Hello people….. our story continues. In case you have not been following the series click Love Autopsy 1 and Love Autopsy 2 to follow up. Enjoy, read and share…… 😀


…Maybe he just went for a walk with his mum. I assumed he may have been chasing someone else and the thought made me a little jealous. As I decided to leave, a taxi pulled over and a man stepped out of the car, apparently he was a resident in the neighborhood. He told me he was just coming from the hospital and Mike had a seizure. He explained that he was just coming from the hospital. Mike’s mum had called earlier this morning to inform him as he had grown close to the family over the years. My heart sank. Mike!!!. I thanked him and took the same taxi to the hospital. Tears poured freely from my eyes. I paid the cab guy and ran into the hospital and the receptionist directed me. I ran to the ICU department and his mum was there. She just signed a paper and she was in tears. I asked what happened and she explained in between tears

“He has suffered seizures since he was 4 and the doctor said they could not operate because the tumor was inoperable. They could only operate to keep him alive for 3 more years. I prayed and hoped he’ll be fine or maybe a cure would be found. This is the second year and he has had just one seizure in the last year and the doctors were able to stabilize him. My boy has been living on drugs like it was part of his daily meal in the last years. This time they said the drugs are not enough to keep him sound, they need to perform a surgery to keep him another year and I just signed the consent form.”

I was crying beyond control, I imagined it and it didn’t sound nice. How had she lived everyday knowing her son would die soon? I felt compassion for her. I hugged her. I didn’t know what to say to comfort her. I had faith that he would wake up after the surgery, that I’d speak to him and say one more word to him. We sat praying and waiting. It was 6pm and the doctor came out and said they were able to save his life. We saw him move his lips but every other thing he said didn’t matter. I ran to the ward with his mother he had lots of tubes and stuff connected to his body. I was clutching tightly to the pack containing the cookies I made for him. I stared at his face and tears flowed freely from my eyes in gratitude that he had made it through the surgery. He was still unconscious. We sat and waited hoping he will open his eyes. We waited. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes to hours but the clock couldn’t trample on my faith.

11:32pm he opened his eyes and his mother and I jumped for joy we were so happy, he smiled and looked in the direction of the table, then he looked at his mother and then at me. He gave one more smile and he jerked a little. And…

To be continued…

The last episode is next….ANTICIPATE!



Love Autopsy 2

Hey people, if you missed part 1 click this>>>>> Love Autopsy  so you can follow up. Enjoy 🙂

Matt’s car was parked in front of my house and he stood beside it looking worried. I called out to him and he ran and hugged me. He looked cute in his white shirt with his sleeves folded and plain black trousers. He had obviously taken out his tie. He looked really worried and hugged me like he had not seen me in ages.

“Thank God you are safe, I called you to remind you of our date, you didn’t pick and I assumed you were busy. I waited at the eatery till 1pm and you still dint show. I called you and your office a couple of times and there was no response. I went over and was told you didn’t show at work today. I have been calling and still no replies, was scared something happened”. It was cute of him to worry. I felt terrible that I stood him up and made him go through all this stress.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry I didn’t call you, someone a few blocks away invited me for breakfast while I was taking my early morning walk  and I got entangled with her and her son. They were good company, I’m sorry.”

He was amazed he knew I never visited neighbors and all that but he was relieved “I’m glad you are safe all the same. He hugged me again “I have a meeting very early tomorrow and I have to make up for the time I wasted today” he kissed me, unwillingly got in his car and zoomed off.

I got back to my room. I had eaten dinner from Mike’s house so I wasn’t hungry. I had my bath, changed into my pjays and laid on my bed. I thought of all the fun I had with Mike and how much more I’d have had if I met him earlier, I thought of his smiles and in the midst of the thoughts…I dozed off.

Wailing of sirens startled me from sleep. It was 5:37am on my clock. 23mins before my alarm would go off in anger and wail in my ears. I peeped from my window and didn’t see anything. I felt a sinking feeling in my heart didn’t know where it came from but I wasn’t so close to anyone around except Mike. I just prayed the person would be fine. Thinking of mike, I decided to make him cookies. I baked them and put them in the oven. Had my bath and dressed up. Put my phone in my purse and took the purse along, didn’t want to get Matt worried. I removed the cookies from the oven and packaged them. It was 7:20am already. I walked to his house humming to myself and it seemed really quiet. I knocked but no one answered. A million thoughts raced through my mind, the ambulance, the noise…

Oh my God…


To be continued…



Love Autopsy

Hi, I apologize for the long silence I’ve been writing exams and my papers have been lovely. Thought I should write this….I hope you enjoy and learn something.

I just moved into my new apartment, I didn’t want to know anyone in the neighborhood. I didn’t entertain any visitors except my boyfriend, Matt and my best friend, Rosy and of course family members, which I rarely saw and honestly did not want to entertain. I didn’t want any new attachments with anyone. I was always deep in thoughts and always had my earpiece on whenever I took my early morning walk in the neighborhood. I walked to the estate garden which was quite a distance and back. On this calm day, I went on my usual early morning walk but this time I was determined not to think about anything and I also went without my Ipod. I just wanted to enjoy the cool breeze and pay more attention to my environment. Everything was so beautiful and I wondered why I just noticed this for the first time after 8months of living here. I was still savoring my view when something bumped into me. I was unsure what it was, I looked down and I saw this really cute little boy holding a book, he rubbed his hand on the part of his head that collided with my thigh.

 He greeted me and I squatted to check if he was hurt. He was so innocent. He smiled at me and said

“Hi…I’m so sorry I bumped into you. I was sitting over there under that tree” he pointed at an oak tree at the beautiful green garden a little away from the walkway. He was still trying to catch his breath.”I ran all the way here when I sited you from a distance. You have never answered my greetings and sometimes you just walk too fast and I can’t catch up” His eyes were sad. He was so cute and I wondered how and why I never stopped, he was so adorable. He wore a green shirt with Ben-10 character drawn on it and black shorts. He wore a pair of child size vans and his hair was finely cut. His mum had done a great job taking care of him. He was still clutching to his big book.

“What’s your name?” I asked wondering how such a young boy spoke like a mature teenager


“That’s a cute name. How old are you”

“I’m 6years old”

 “Why were you sitting there alone?”

“Mummy isn’t so far, told her I wanted to sit and wait for you today because you pass here every morning. I live very close to you and I have followed you a couple of times but you never noticed me”

“I’m so sorry Mike” I was shocked by the fact that he had followed me relentlessly this long?

What could he possibly want? Where was his mother? Why would…

“I want you to sign on this book please?” His cute voice interrupted my thoughts. He stretched the book to me. There was a pen attached to the side. The first page of the book had “LIFE AFTER LIFE” I flipped through the book and my name was at the top of this page, how did he know my name? He must have asked around or maybe his mum knew me or how else could he have found out? I was moved by his persistence, his care, innocence guilt engulfed me. I wrote,

“I am sorry for all the times I never listened when you called, I never acknowledged your existence but from now I promise to make up for it. I feel so loved and I feel compassion. I’d make it up I promise.  Be a good boy and may all your dreams, aspiration and wishes come true”

I signed it happily. The inner celebrity in me that had never been acknowledged felt good. I handed his book and pen to him. We walked towards the oak tree and his mum walked up to us and hugged him. She greeted me and smiled. He nudged her

“Can she have breakfast with us?”

“if she won’t mind”

I nodded in approval. Mike was so happy. We played, joked a lot and he told me stories. It was overwhelming that he sat by that tree 7am today to catch up with me and he had followed me as often as he could. I was touched. I had to go to work but it won’t matter If I went a couple of minutes late because of him would it?

It was 8pm and I stood up to leave after reading the bedtime story he asked me to read. He was asleep, I helped his mum tuck him in and I kissed his forehead and his mum did the same. We had developed a tight bond in such a short time. I actually didn’t plan to stay this long but it was worth it and he deserved it. I got to the front of my house still in my tank top and track suit. Matt’s car was parked in front of my house and he stood beside it looking worried.

To be continued…