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Before you bite your tongue, the name is pronounced as Ein-styn-net. It means female Einstein as well as social geek. Einsteinette is a brand name that has become a personality. I love to read and devour materials and crack puzzles but I also love to meet people and hang out in new places too. I have my geek moments but I realized that having the right friends is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you.I have my loner moments but I’m friendly and outgoing. There are many facets to Einsteinette, 100 blind men were asked to describe an elephant by feeling a part of it. The part that was felt varied and there were 100 definitions of the same elephant. 1 said it was soft and  another said it was hard, others came up with different concepts ranging from short, long, huge, small etc. If they had eyes, they’ll have seen the whole elephant and described it perfectly. I am leaving the shadows and standing on the stage, unveiling the girl behind the curtains.

The question lingering is who is the face and personality behind Einsteinette, what she likes to do, who is she etc…?


Hi, I’m Blessing Abeng. The real face behind Einsteinette.

I love to write. Pen and paper (now the options have increased with technology, tab, my phone, my laptop)… that’s all I need and the words flow freely and expressively addressing the matter at hand. I’m traditional jare, I still like my pen and paper even with all the technology. It’s just beautiful to see my handwriting. If I had a chance I’d dip feather in ink and write on a parchment. I like to think I was born with a golden pen in my hand and a brain that’s in sync with it. It’s a talent and a gift but talents and gifts are nothing if not developed. My book The Diamond of Life is available at My Store.

I celebrate my birthday every sixteenth of October. I… <a href=””>READ MORE </a>

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